LeBron James attended a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers before the Los Angeles Lakers faced the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday.Sure enough, the NBA superstar impressed him with the quality of football played between the two teams

James was particularly excited by the defense the Cowboys and 49ers showed early in the contest. They displayed their best defense in the regular season, allowing one touchdown each in the first half.

The two teams were still tied 9-9 after the third quarter, with the game ultimately ending with a low score of 19-12 with the 49ers winning. It tells how hard they worked for each other’s attacks in the match.

james on twitter give props to both teams.

“Both of these defenses are SUPER ELITE!!!!” wrote the Lakers star.

Given all that happened, it was definitely a fun game to watch. Dak Prescott had two interceptions in the game and really struggled for the Cowboys, while Brock Purdy couldn’t throw a touchdown for the 49ers.

LeBron James watches the NFL playoffs closely and shares his comments on the games you can watch. Just recently, he even hit back at the hatred of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. It’s safe to assume you’ll be making a lot of investments.


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