From Foreign Editor Douglas Jehl, Foreign Associate Editor Jennifer Amur, International Research Senior Editor Peter Finn and Sports Editor Matthew Vita:

We are pleased to announce Kevin Sheef’s new position at the Foreign Desk.

Kevin takes on a new assignment as an international investigative correspondent focused on sports. Since 2018 he has been the City bureau chief in Mexico, and before that as Kabul and Nairobi bureau chiefs, Kevin has established himself as one of the most creative and ambitious storytellers in his post in Washington. I’m here. We look forward to watching him explore the world through the prism of sports, revealing how money, power, and individuality can ignite such global passions.

Kevin collaborates with Mexico-based correspondent Mary Beth Sheridan on the 5-part series “Losing Control” on Mexico’s deteriorating security that won 2020 Overseas Press Club Bob Considine , produced an eye-popping series of powerful works. Award for the best interpretation of international affairs. Over the past year, their valiant account of Mexico’s role in the drug trade has been central to his seven-part series “Cartel Rx,” which cross-cuts the failure of the United States and Mexico to counter the fentanyl scourge. played a role. On a personal note, he also has excellent immersive reports such as the painful toll of Trump-era family separation and the absurd world of Mexican bounty hunters competing to track down U.S. fugitives. I created the work with text and audio.

Kevin has shown remarkable diversity, tenacity and initiative in reporting from Afghanistan, Africa and Mexico. A marathoner, he made his two grueling days of running alongside one of Mexico’s greatest athletes, German Silva. New York City, his two-time marathon winner, ran across the country to showcase the beauty and diversity of Mexico. (Kevin calls it one of his favorite stories.) It was Kevin who suggested this new assignment covering sports. So that he can use his investigative and storytelling skills to bring greater accountability to internationally ruling athletes, federations and other power brokers. sports.

Kevin earned a BA in International Relations and Comparative Literature from Brown University and a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies with a long overdue exam. He speaks Spanish and is learning French.

In his new role, Kevin will be part of a team led by Peter Finn, Senior Editor of International Research. Peter and Kevin work with Joe Tone and other sports editors to broaden the scope and ambitions of their investigative efforts. Kevin will remain in Mexico until the end of 2023 and move to new international locations.

Please congratulate Kevin on his new position starting April 17th.


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