Korean professional baseball NC Dinos contract with right-hander taylor widenerreports that Jihong Bae relayed Kim Sung Min.

Widener, 28, was a Yankees draft pick who was traded to the Diamondbacks in a three-team trade. Brandon Drury to the Bronx. Widener’s first year with the new organization went very well in 2018 as he posted a 2.75 ERA in 137 1/3 double-A innings. He has an ERA of 8.10 in 100 innings.

He was able to make his MLB debut the following year as well, appearing in each of his last three seasons. Through his 107 2/3 MLB frames so far, his ERA is his 4.26, his strikeout rate is 22.3%, his walk rate is 11%, and his ground ball rate is 34.1%. Last year, he spent most of his time in Triple-A, and with Reno his ace he pitched 36 2/3 innings. He batted 29.6 percent and walked 7.5 percent, but his ERA was 5.40. With advanced metrics such as 4.05 FIP and he’s 4.59 xFIP, the Pacific, which is notoriously friendly to hitters, has probably upped his batting average with the Coast posting a .368 average in his league.

The D-Bucks drafted him in December when they acquired an infielder. Diego Castillo from pirates. The other 29 his club missed an opportunity to sign Widener off waivers and he was sacked outright in his January. Now he’s heading overseas to see if a change of scenery can help him pull off better results. According to a Google translation of the Korean tweet linked above, Widener is making $743,000 this year, which is actually above the MLB minimum of $720,000. Many pitchers have linked success abroad to their return to the majors. Miles Michaelas, Drew Lusinski And Widener’s former teammate Meryl KellyIf Widener can do well in KBO, he could follow a similar path in the years to come.


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