Wind Creek Casino, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – Julian Gonzalez of Redding, Pennsylvania remains undefeated in Stopping Victory in the fourth round, dropping Rosalind Morales in the first round and stopping him with a stiff right hand, leading referee Sean Clark intervened. Shake off the £130 match in 27 seconds of the fourth. Gonzalez was leading 30-26 on all three judges’ scorecards at stoppage.

“I’m not surprised by the ending,” Gonzalez said. “I knew he had power, and so did I. I just needed to stay calm and allow him to make mistakes. But I get power from the left and right, it’s not so important to get a knockout.

“At the end of the day there will be some decisions to be made. You have to keep believing in yourself and get the job done.”

With seconds left in the opening frame of a scheduled eight-round bout, 21-year-old González (9-0-1, 9 KO) knocked down 29-year-old Morales with a winged right hand. Morales (9-1, 2 KOs) went up, but Gonzalez continued to punish the southpaw from Elwood City, Pennsylvania, with a straight left in the second that bloodied Morales’ nose and showed his superior speed and athleticism. defeated him.

Gonzalez, nicknamed “Gifted,” has sparred with Fulton Jr., and that experience helped him on Friday.

An interesting subplot of the £130 match was the presence of Allen Smith. Almost 20 years before he helped 10-year-old Morales and his mother and sister complete a cross-country trip to Pennsylvania after their car broke down. in Nashville, Tennessee.

Smith paid for the car to be repaired, drove the family for six days, and bought bus tickets to visit relatives after the car was declared unrepairable. Morales and Smith didn’t keep in touch until they reconnected by phone in December, when Smith watched the match from ringside at an emotional reunion at Wind Creek Casino on Friday.


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