Joshua considers acting after retiring from boxing

Former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has revealed that he wants to be an actor once he quits boxing.

The British Nigerian made this clear in an interview with American international men’s monthly magazine GQ.

According to Joshua, boxing opened many doors for him, especially after winning gold in the super-heavyweight division at the 2021 London Olympics.

Joshua, 33, has explained his love of acting in the United States. He started by revealing that boxing helped his English and saved him from a sticky situation.

he said:

“So I loved reading, I needed to improve my English and express myself a little better because growing up I was a street kid. At home I was very respectful.” But I used to love going out and making trouble, and suddenly now I’m this role model.

Joshua added that boxing has already prepared him for a life outside the ring, along with his ambition to become an actor.

“After boxing, I think I can act, because I have done a lot of commercial work. I understand what the production team is looking for.

Of the acting roles he is interested in, he explained. He doesn’t know how good his American accent is, so he doesn’t know how much success he has in the film industry. ”

The former unified heavyweight champion has ruled out an option to join the Ultimate Fighting Champions, which features mixed martial artists of Nigerian descent Kamal Usman and Israel Adesanya in the future.

He added:

“I mean, I’m going to respect them for years of grappling, wrestling, and stand-up training to beat submissions.

“It’s like they’re coming to boxing. I’d smoke them too. I tried judo when I was younger and it was very challenging. Like a teenager, I was flipping in the air. Landing on your head is the least thing you want to do.

Joshua is set to return to the ring in 2023, with Dillian White and Otto Warin listed as opponents.

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