Chad Hermansen In 1995, he was drafted 10th overall by the Pirates from Green Valley High School in Nevada, setting a club record with a bonus of $1.15 million. Hermansen began his professional career at the age of 17 with the Gulf Coast his league. For the next five years, while working for his affiliate in the minor leagues of the Pirates, he was considered a Top 50 prospect by Baseball His America, where he peaked at No. 13 before the ’98 season.

Hermansen made his MLB debut with the 1999 Pirates when he was called up in September. At the 2002 trade deadline, he was dealt to the Cubs to join an interesting but bad roster.

After that season, Hermansen was traded to the Dodgers for Todd Handley, while Mark Grudieranek and Eric Kalos were traded to the Cubs. Hermansen got his last taste of the majors in 2004 with the Blue Jays. Chad then spent more time in Triple-A, playing for the Marlins and Mets organizations.

Ultimately, Hermansen had 541 at-bats in the majors from 1999-2004. He hit 13 homers in that span, including shots from Zambrano and Al Leiter.

After his playing career, Chad spent eight years scouting for the Angels. He is now dedicated to becoming a former athlete life coach. Check out Chad’s website here and follow him on Twitter. hereHe also has a podcast and YouTube channel called Mental Edge Training Coach where he interviews current and former players, coaches, scouts and parents about baseball stories and mental games.

Chad volunteered to chat with MLBTR readers today. Click here to join the chat.


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