It’s been an emotional few days across the NFL after Bills safety Dummer Hamlin collapsed during the “Monday Night Football” game between Buffalo and the Cincinnati Bengals, but the incident ultimately put an end to Postponed. Hamlin suffered Cardiac arrest and critical condition,and it is It’s unclear how the NFL plans to respond Its week 17 finale between these two AFC clubs.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow praised the NFL for allowing players to have a say in the eventually postponed game when he spoke with reporters on Wednesday, but all sorts of make-up They said they were “in the dark” because it relates to what happens next in the game. When asked about the possibility of restarting the Bills’ game at some point, Burrow admitted that it could be logistically difficult to swing.

“I think it’s going to be difficult schedule-wise,” he said. “What Buffalo wants to do is what we want to do. We stand behind them 100% and support them in deciding what to do going forward.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Week 18 will go ahead as planned. That means Cincinnati will have to turn their attention to playing against the Baltimore Ravens. With the win, the Bengals secured his AFC North title, but that doesn’t seem to be on the players’ minds at this point.

“Unfortunately we have to play on Sunday,” Burrow said. “It’s been an anomaly this week, but unfortunately from a football point of view it’s normal.

“It’s a very scary and emotional time and I really don’t know what to say about it because we still have a football game on Sunday. You have to play to win. That’s exactly what it is. We talk as a team about what happened and where we’re headed, and that’s where we are.

Burrow went on to say there were some “side discussions” about the possibility of not playing against Baltimore in Week 18 as he continues to work through what happened to Hamlin.

“If you voted for the locker room, it would be a mixed bag,” Burrow said of not playing against the Ravens. “I think it’s hard for me personally, but some people want to play, some people don’t want to play. Personally, maybe I want to play. I think it’s about getting back to normal as soon as possible.” Here’s how I deal with this sort of thing. Like I said, everyone deals with it differently.

NFL announced on wednesday The Bengals-Ravens kick off at 1pm ET on Sunday.


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