Jaron Ennis confident Errol Spence will fight him after interim title

Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis has big plans for 2023 as the undefeated contender moves things forward on January 7 and will be aiming for a major title fight soon after.

Ennis (29-0, 27 KOs) has felt stuck in place for the past year or so. He believes a win over Karen Chukajian on the undercard of the Davis vs. Garcia PPV will change things, which will give him the interim IBF title, theoretically Errol Spence Jr.

“I feel like Errol Spence Jr. is going to fight me,” Ennis said from Media Workout. think.”

Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) is, of course, one of the two big fish at 147 pounds, along with Terrence “Bud” Crawford. Spence has retained the IBF title since defeating Kell He Brooke in 2017, adding the WBC and his WBA belts to his collection in the process. Crawford has a WBO title.

The biggest fight at welterweight is still Spence vs. Crawford, and a lot. But if that fight simply doesn’t happen, it’s unlikely that too many people will be hesitant about Spence vs. Ennis.

But for now, Boots focuses on 26-year-old Ukrainian Chukasian (21-1, 11 KOs).

“I haven’t seen footage of the opponent, but my team is watching him,” Ennis said. “We have a game plan for what he’s doing well.”

That team is led by his father and trainer, Bozzie Ennis. We keep trying harder and harder. we are just doing our job.

“I don’t look at my opponents. I let the Jaron brothers do that. I look at the first round of the fight and go from there. If you focus too much on one fighter, you can get injured.” I can be in a bad situation if I have to be replaced for a long time.I train to face any style.”

Bozzie is also adamant that they persevered. thinking about.

“We took our time. We waited,” Bosie added. [our] Required [option], but we knew he was wrestling a fight with Terrence Crawford. ”

Jaron also says training over the holidays — something fighters generally avoid and why January tends to be a barren wasteland for boxing schedules — doesn’t matter.

“I train all year round. Holidays don’t affect my schedule. I eat well, my weight is good, everything is fine,” he said.

“My last day off was Christmas because Sunday is my normal day off. If it had been Saturday, I would have been training.”

And the fighter, as always, is trying to impress again.

“I’ve seen a lot of Mike Tyson myself. He put together a lot of punches. Triples, doubles, same hands, a lot of knockouts. I used to see him at camp.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that we plan to have a short night on January 7th.”

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