According to himself, Jake Paul has reportedly finished fighting the old UFC legend.

The “problem child” has been out of the ring since facing Anderson Silva in October. The fight was the biggest test of the former YouTuber-turned-boxer’s career so far, and he lived up to expectations. While the fight was approaching, an eight-round knockdown secured Paul’s victory by decision.

The win brought his professional career to 6-0 so far, but it also marked a new chapter in the YouTuber’s battle against the UFC. Since beginning his boxing career, Paul has chosen not to fight lower level journeymen or established boxers. Instead, he went up against older MMA fighters of his, such as Tyrone Woodley and Ben Askren.

It’s possible Donald Cerrone believed he could face YouTubers because of his history. Last week, the “cowboy” admitted he was willing to withdraw from his retirement to face Paul in a boxing match.Sadly, the undefeated Ohio native doesn’t feel the same way.

in a recent interview with Shumo, Jake Paul shot down a fight with former UFC welterweight contender. . Instead, he wants to face boxers like himself.

The comments come as the YouTuber is reportedly in talks to face Tommy Fury next. .

donald cerani, ufc, cowboy
Donald Cerrone – Image credit: UFC

“[Donald Cerrone] did you call me What did he say?…Damn he’s out of contract with the UFC?” Paul asked in an interview. Shumo“Interesting. I mean, I don’t know. I’m kind of sick of beating up old people like this. You know what I’m saying, right?”

He continued: But honestly everyone is scared. They’re just trying to keep their record, Shumo, look, look.”

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