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Jake Paul was called up by former UFC Champion Luke Rockhold when the YouTuber-turned-boxer started focusing a little more on MMA.

Although boxing has been the main focus of the last few years, Jake Paul is unabashedly open about wanting to get involved in mixed martial arts.

The YouTube star, who comes from an amateur wrestling background, has fought many MMA fighters inside the boxing ring before finally signing a deal to make his MMA debut. He joins his PFL ranks and joins the new Superfight division.

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Jake already has his eyes on an opponent, asking Nate Diaz to sign a two-fight deal in a boxing ring before stepping into the MMA cage. But former UFC Champion Luke Rockhold is happy to step up.

Luke Rockhold Calls Jake Paul To MMA Fight

The former UFC middleweight, who won the title from Chris Weidman in 2015, was questioned by TMZ Sports about Jake’s transition to MMA, who urged him to fight someone his size.

“Stop trying to fight the little guys. You’re middleweight. If you want to fight middleweight, I’ve got my hands on you, we can do whatever you want.” I can win while I’m sleeping.”

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Rockhold dismissed claims that Jake was transitioning to MMA and trying to fight his best, stating: Straight. And a champion, a real competitor, someone who can make you an ass.

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Diaz’s last bout was at Welterweight, about 50 pounds lower than Jake would normally box.

Whether or not Jake will take Rockhold’s challenge remains to be seen, but the former UFC star is free to do what he wants now that his contract has expired.

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