Jackboy issued a $2 million boxing challenge to former label boss Kodak Black. He believes there is no competition between the two.

The 25-year-old took to Instagram Live earlier this week to issue a challenge to a former friend who’s been with him for over a year.

Referencing someone saying that Kodak should take the offer, Jackboy replied, “You said someone made this guy to make money.” I’m going to bet $2 million right now, man, he’s not going to do that Do you think Yak can fight Fam in public?

“That boy can be trained by God, boy I’m going to beat this boy. It’s like a little brother, you know. I say you can just piss him off no matter how good you get or what you learn in life.

Jackboy went on to say that it wouldn’t take long to fight Kodak.

The relationship between Kodak Black and JackBoy has been building for over a year since the two got into a financial dispute. His one of the last things that happened between the two was his August when Kodak responded to his JackBoy diss his record.

JackBoy quickly targeted Yak with verses like:You’re not a Z, you bought your way / Boy ain’t a killer, you’re crying when you’re trapped / Never got on a PC They hear us it’s hard to be sure

Kodak uploaded two posts to its Instagram story for its 12.3 million followers, basically accusing Jackboy of being jealous.

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“B people hurt when they can’t be friends anymore!” he wrote in one of the posts. “They hate shit and start lying in your name. They really need you, so if you can’t be their friend, they lose all their moves, they lose hope.” increase.”

After the death of fellow sniper gang member WizDaWizard last September, Kodak tried to give his childhood friend an olive branch. However, Jackboy’s recent boxing challenge clearly didn’t go his way.

“A messed up feeling when you can’t even describe how you feel, and even when you do or try to be judged by your feelings,” Kodak wrote at the time “Then the funeral turns into a photo shoot where you can’t even grieve in peace.”

He added: & Fuck This Distance Love N-gga Come Give Me Hug N-gga.”


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