Another prediction for 2022. Kazuto Ioka and Joshua Franco will be broadcast live from Japan in his junior bantamweight unification match on Saturday, December 31st.

who is there? Let me tell you!

Scott Christ (91-39)

My dick circumference all year means I’ve been away from racing for months, so I’ll keep it short. But this is a big chance for Franco and a good matchup. I hope you have a good match!

Site Note: I will do my best to be here for live coverage on Saturday at 3am ET. This show is airing on TBS in Japan and will help you find and watch it.

Anyway, I’m officially going to pick Franco. pennies, etc. Franco SD-12

Will Esco (105-25)

To be completely honest with you, I wanted to find a good reason to pick Joshua Franco here to avoid a draw with my best friend Patrick. you can’t.

Franco is a capable fighter, but has been out of action for some time and is rumored to not be the most disciplined fighter when it comes to training, and he’s fighting in Japan. not. I think Ioka is sharper here and makes a difference. Franco might look good in the spot, but I don’t think he has gas in the tank to keep it up over that period. So please direct all your anger at Sternberg. Ioka UD-12

John Hansen (103-27)

Good to see Joshua Franco out of his time loop and freed from the existence of Groundhog Day where he fought Oscar Negrete and Andrew Moloney over and over (x4) years (x6). Sadly, Andie MacDowell, Christine Milioti and Emily Blunt aren’t waiting for him. Kazuto Ioka is in his place.

Ioka is world class. Especially when you think about young Felix Alvarado, we’ve seen Ioca fight guys like Joshua Franco. One of the reasons Franco hasn’t done the same is that Ioka has years of professional experience and there aren’t that many fighters at Ioka’s level. Franco has matched or beat Very Good in his recent trilogy, but Ioka is a step up from his Very Good.

I have a soft spot for a guy who is confident enough to love and celebrate his brother who has captured the hearts of everyone they know. But I already know Ioka has that level and that’s the choice for me. Ioka UD-12

Patrick Sternberg (105-25)

Kazuto Ioka is one of my favorite boxing stories. Not only because he’s an impeccably funny fighter, but because the WBO is so furious that he’s the champion, they basically force fire at him with a Gatling gun. doing. That, combined with my deep-seated prejudice against Japanese fighters because PRIDE FC is one of my main introductions to martial arts, probably leaves me ill-equipped to give a fair and balanced analysis.

Still, at least subjectivity can be expressed objectively. Ioka doesn’t move as much as Andrew Moloney, but he delivers the same kind of razor jabs and steady body attacks that brought Moloney’s greatest success throughout the trilogy. Not only has he proven his ability to keep his cool in the face of intense attacks, but we don’t see him shrink when the physically larger Franco refuses to leave. A good offensive fighter despite his relative scarcity, Ioka seems too good at exploiting holes in his defenses, so he pulls away in intense firefights. Ioka UD-12


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