Game: Indiana Pacers vs Milwaukee Bucks (T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV)

Time: 5:00 PM ET

Updated Odds:

  • Spread: Pacers +5, Bucks -5
  • Over/Under: 257.5

Model Predictions:

Model Spread Pick Over/Under Pick Final Score Prediction
ESPN Basketball Power Index (BPI) Pacers +4.4 Under 253.5 Pacers 122.2, Bucks 121.8
FiveThirtyEight Pacers +5.0 Over 256.0 Pacers 123.0, Bucks 121.0
BetQL Pacers +4.5 Under 255.0 Pacers 122.5, Bucks 120.5
SportsLine Bucks -5.0 Over 257.0 Bucks 124.5, Pacers 121.5
My Model (Pythagorean + SOS) Pacers +3.8 Under 253.0 Pacers 122.3, Bucks 121.7

Average Pick:

  • Spread: Pacers +4.6
  • Over/Under: 254.9
  • Final Score: Pacers 122.4, Bucks 121.3

Analysis of Model Predictions:

With the updated odds of Pacers +5 and Bucks -5, the spread predictions remain close. The over/under has also moved slightly up to 257.5, with two models favoring the over and three favoring the under.

Impact of Injuries:

  • Indiana Pacers: Jalen Smith, a key reserve forward, is out with an injury. This will impact their interior defense and rebounding.
  • Milwaukee Bucks: Both Pat Connaughton (valuable role player) and Jae Crowder (perimeter defender) are out. This weakens their shooting depth and defense.

Key Adjustments with Updated Odds:

  • The Pacers are receiving more points (5 instead of 4.5), making them a more attractive spread pick.
  • The higher over/under suggests the potential for a high-scoring game.

Pythagorean Theorem and Strength of Schedule Analysis:

  • Based on the Pythagorean Theorem, the Pacers have a slightly higher expected winning percentage.
  • Considering strength of schedule, the Bucks have faced a tougher schedule, potentially inflating their Pythagorean record.

Other Factors:

  • Trends: The Pacers are 4-1 in their last five games, while the Bucks are 3-2.
  • Weather: Clear and temperate conditions are expected in Las Vegas.


  • The Pacers are the healthier team and playing well lately.
  • The Bucks’ key injuries weaken their defense and shooting depth.
  • The Pacers are getting more points on the spread, increasing their value.
  • Several models project a close win for the Pacers.
  • While the over/under is high, the Pacers’ offensive potential is intriguing.

Additional Notes:

  • This is a close matchup, and the outcome is uncertain.
  • The final score could deviate significantly from the average prediction.
  • Monitoring injury updates and game developments is crucial.
  • Responsible gambling involves thorough research and understanding the risks.

Best Pick:

  • Spread: Indiana Pacers +5
  • Over/Under: Under 257.5

Confidence: High

Indiana Pacers +5