Future doctors, lawyers, consultants and more roam the streets of Duke’s campus. After the MCAT and LSAT and job interviews are all done, the hardest entry process the Blue Devil has ever been in is getting a seat for the February 4th home game against Duke vs. North Carolina. maybe.

Just a few weeks ago, black tent applicants took a tenting entry test for the privilege of sleeping in a tent for three weeks. On Sunday, students accustomed to cold nights and sleeping bags had to take another test to determine the order of the black tent group.

The 840 students crammed into the K Center practice area were part of a group of 70 tents and had an hour to take a six-part trivia test, one test per tent. . Anything related to Duke’s men’s basketball, past or present, has been fair game.

Think you can get a good score?Give it a try and let us know how you did in the comments section of @duke basketballEven the most knowledgeable Duke fan would be humbled.

sasha richie
| | sports editor

Sasha Ritchie is Trinity’s senior and sports editor for Volume 118 of The Chronicle.

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