Fox Sports and ESPN have decided to have second-rate operations in some major sports, but this is poorly reflected in the networks and the events they cover.

Let’s start with Fox Sports. Embarrassingly, we weren’t able to have an announcer at each college football game this fall. We couldn’t have an announcer courtside due to the big Pac-12 men’s basketball battle between the two.

Regarding ESPN, We treat the Australian Open as if it wasn’t a Grand Slam. Chris Fowler, John McEnroe The rest of the top announcers are in Bristol, not Melbourne.

What is ESPN telling tennis viewers? What is it telling partners? Having the best coverage is not so important.

USA's Sebastian Korda played a forehand in a fourth round singles match against Poland's Hubert Harkac on day seven of the 2023 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on 22 January 2023. increase.
ESPN’s top announcer wasn’t there at the Australian Open, where Sebastien Korda reached the quarterfinals.
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Backlash: of the substack John Kanzano We spoke with Arizona’s Senior Associate Athletic Director Doug Tamaro.

“I was disappointed to see that they hadn’t emailed me,” says Tammaro. “You are just disappointed.”

Rejected comments: Fox Sports and ESPN both declined to comment when asked how much money they were saving. How to cut corners.

Be careful: If you tell your audience that it doesn’t matter what they watch, they will eventually believe you. Telling your broadcast rights partner isn’t that important to you will take you somewhere else at some point. It also puts the announcer in a bad position.

Networks decide it’s worth broadcasting in lower quality to save money. Maybe, but how do TV decision makers who care about production values ​​and being the best, especially at college basketball and tennis top events, not put people in the best positions to succeed? It is difficult to understand whether the

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Bill Walton (l.) calls an alternate NBA broadcast with Jason Benetti (r.).
Bill Walton has the perfect personality for an alternative NBA broadcast with Jason Benetti (right).

MLB Network will announce the induction into the Hall of Fame at 6 p.m. Tuesday. They have ancillary programs before and after revealing who (if any) will be in Cooperstown. The numbers were courtesy of Adobe Analytics via NBC. It seems like a pretty good number. These soccer numbers could indicate that avid viewers are moving to streaming for the highly desired show. … Bill WaltonThe alternative cast in the NBA League Pass app is a good idea. On a regular phone, Walton can be a little intrusive if you’re really into the game you’re actually watching. Jason Benetti And friends, it makes sense.There is no alternative such as this or manning cast of The future of broadcasting. These alternative broadcasts are a Part of some presentations, it will be a long time before the traditional 2 or 3 person crew calling the game is replaced. … Horrible Oops: fox sports Rob Gronkowskion Saturday’s big desk, was very close to being the Eagles’ offensive coordinator, but so far Shane Steichenname is correct. “Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Spikeman,” Gronkowski said. it’s here clipMeanwhile, after the Chiefs’ win, NBC’s Maria Taylor Either I slipped my tongue a bit or I really don’t like Kansas City. it’s here clip.

living with LIV

In golf terms, LIV Golf’s TV deal with The CW starts in the bunker, but has a good lie that can land on the green with the right wedge.

One of the reasons LIV is bad is that it’s not Fox Sports. NBC, CBS, and ESPN/ABC weren’t considered real contenders for LIV, so Fox Sports could have been a potential fit, but Fox said the CW eventually agreed with LIV. I said no to commission-free revenue sharing.

Phil Mickelson lines up his shot at the 18th hole during the first round of the Bedminster Invitational LIV Golf Tournament on July 29, 2022 in Bedminster, New Jersey.
Phil Mickelson and LIV Golf’s other stars will be demoted as seen on The CW.

In addition to Fox Sports’ excellent reach, this would have made LIV more mainstream and increased its chances for acceptance and growth.

The opening round of the tournament is only available on The CW app, so even with some of the world’s top players in attendance, LIV will feel very niche. And while the Saudi-backed tour’s goal may be to ‘sportwash’ and succeed, it appears there are no plans to have a viable business at the moment. It’s not as widely distributed as YouTube, and in contrast to platforms like Fox, I don’t think it offers enough coverage for potential LIV sponsors to really want to get involved. And while the LIV folks are acting like all is well, it’s actually not that great.

I thought of this in an article in Golf Week Eamon Lynch Well put:

“Watch out for opportunities to impress his boss, LIV’s Chief Media Officer. Will Stegerwhich also evoked some version of the event George Santos Call for speech control.

“Following a competitive bidding window by multiple US networks and streaming platforms, 2022 Sports Stories has moved to pole position for 2023 Top Stories.” [Staeger] I wrote it in a social media post.

“Staeger’s comment raises two questions for those of us who tend to be cynics: Did autocorrect turn ‘begging’ into ‘bidding’? And how does a competitive process between multiple parties lead to offering products to the worst alternatives for free?”

fan old guard out

WFAN radio personality Sweeney Murti talks with New York Yankees reliever Chasen Shreve during Yankees spring training
Yankees reporter Sweeney Murti (who was with Chasen Shreve in 2018 spring training) was the last member of WFAN’s old guard to leave the station.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

All media are evolving, and WFAN, the nation’s top sports radio station, is no exception. Sweeney Murtijoins a long list of FAN cores no longer affiliated with the station or whose role has been reduced after 30 years in the station.Murti joins after announcing his departure on Friday Mike Francesa, Steve Sommers, Joe Benigno, Eddie Coleman, John Minko and former program director Mark Chernoff As a former staple of 660 AM/101.9 FM.

Murti was on the Yankees beat for 22 years, but has stopped traveling in recent years. FAN is also less dependent on regular spots. Craig Carton I’m not a fan of their “Boomer & Gio” morning producer philosophy. Al DukesI don’t like most interviews.

Murti remained full-time even when his role went from moving with the team to doing post-game shows. offered, but he refused.

The sports media business has changed, and COVID has accelerated the idea that some media outlets (thankfully not the Post) don’t need to be there to properly cover their teams.

Knowledge within the organization is lost and may not be fully understood by those who are unfamiliar or unwilling to know. Murti did very well in New York radio during her 30 years. FAN loses its institutional knowledge without him. It’s good that the host can still read the paper.


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