Fernando Tatis Jr.’s MLB career has been a rollercoaster. From being the face of baseball’s future to being a polarizing figure for fans and teammates, Tatis has seen a dramatic shift in public perception over the past season.

As soon as Fernando Tatis Jr. became a household name, he damaged his reputation and image. He tested positive for Clostebol, a performance-enhancing substance, in violation of Major League Baseball’s joint drug prevention and treatment program. ruined his reputation in

Adidas has ended its partnership with Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. following his PED suspension. . https://t.co/cFFumTwXX

“Adidas has ended its partnership with Fernando Tatis Jr. following Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr.’s PED suspension. We can confirm that we will not continue our partnership with ‘Name. ” – Front Office Sports

Even though he’s polarizing and disappointed by his off-field antics, his talent on the field is undeniable. Through his three seasons in MLB, Tatis Jr. in his 273 games he had 81 home runs, 195 RBIs and 52 stolen bases. He also has a career batting average of .292 and an OPS of .965.

He may be the best baseball player in his family, but his father wasn’t a bad player himself. Fernando he Tatis spent 11 years in his MLB, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, Montreal he Expos, Baltimore he Orioles, New York he Mets he appeared in 949 games.

During his 11-year career, Tatis had 113 home runs, 448 RBIs, and 50 stolen bases. He finished his career with a .265 batting average, .785 OPS and .6.3 WAR.

His son has already been named to the All-Star team, but Tatis was not selected. He holds the MLB record as the only player ever to do so.

In 1999 OTD, Fernando Tatis Sr. hit two Grand Slams in the same inning from the same pitcher. 🤯 https://t.co/mTLhz6e51E

“1999 OTD, Fernando Tatis Sr. hit two grand slams in the same inning off the same pitcher.” -MLB

A look back at Fernando Tatis Jr.’s accomplishments in MLB

In three seasons in the MLB, Tatis Jr. won two Silver Slugger Awards, one All-Star selection, and two Top 5 MVP awards. Prior to his PED suspension, the shortstop held the future of baseball alongside the likes of Juan Soto, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Shohei Ohtani.

His reputation is now tainted after failing a drug test. Although he will be permanently marked as his PED user, he is still only 24 years old and has plenty of time left in his career to make amends.

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