What a year it has been for women’s sports.

There was an elation like watching some of the greatest athletes reach the end of their iconic careers. And as a result of shocking investigations, including Yates’ report outlining persistent sexual and psychological abuse by coaches of the All-American Women’s Soccer League coaches, some organizations and leagues have let athletes down. There have been sluggishness, including taking into account the hard truth that the

But after 12 long months, we succeeded. largely.

This year was a big year to look back on women’s sports. As we celebrated the signing of Book 9 half a century ago and the banning of sexism in education, much of this year was spent looking back on the last 50 years. We talked extensively about the progress that these 37 words have made since they became national law. Also, several reports have been published by organizations such as the Women’s Sports Foundation that provide a roadmap for how to move forward in her next 50 years.


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