The Hat Trick is scheduled to take place the weekend of the Super Bowl and welcomes all ages.

Temple, TX — After months of construction, a new sports bar has arrived in downtown Temple. It’s called a hat-trick, and it’s scheduled to open the weekend of the Super Bowl.

The name comes from the sporting term hat-trick, meaning that one player scores three goals in one match.

Manuel Velázquez, one of Hat Trick’s owners and GM of Temple Coyote FC soccer club, says that’s their motto.

Local Business is not your typical sports bar. There are indoor soccer facilities and an outdoor patio area with Columbia-style food trucks.

Food trucks serve popular dishes to the masses, including chicken wings, hot dogs, burgers, and fries.

An indoor soccer field that both adults and children can enjoy. Adults can participate in tournaments, while children can take advantage of training sessions with local coaches alongside international coaches from Brazil.

Training sessions are for children ages 2-14 and run from 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Co-owner of Hat Trick and GM of Temple Coyote FC soccer club.

“We have an area on the patio where you can play cornhole, table tennis and a variety of other games,” Velázquez said. bottom.”

Hat Trick is looking for bartenders, servers, and cleaners. See their Facebook for more details.


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