There are so many baseball players. And a huge number of them are very important before they become household names.No one expects the average fan to maintain a complete catalog of MLB’s prospect ranks today But getting to know a few each year can deepen your understanding of the sport.

That’s what we are talking about here. We know more about the stars of the future than ever before thanks to a tireless scouting effort published on Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America, Fungraf, MLB Pipeline and more. Below is just a careful rundown of his 30,000 feet of their tremendous work. If you’re interested in the important areas of minor league talent and player development, I encourage you to click, subscribe, and enjoy. Here’s where you can start down that path.

But if you want a bird’s eye view first, here are 25 names you need to know. I divided them into categories to answer one question. why. What is the immediate reason for knowing these prospects?

I won’t go into much detail about where each player sits on the major lists — they’re behind paywalls for a reason — but the top 11 players by simple consensus of the published lists are presented here. These are the first 11 people who were recruited.

Elite prospects to reach MLB in 2023

Gunnar Henderson, Orioles shortstop/third baseman: Baseball’s number one prospect, so lauded by both Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America, is the second consecutive Orioles youngster to wear the crown, following catcher Adley Ratchman. And Henderson has already arrived in Baltimore, briefly joining Lucciman as the O’s make a surprise push in late 2022.

Sporting Golden Rock, Henderson can play short, but could finish third. His game doesn’t have many holes. 275 batting average, at least a few steals, and solid defense in difficult positions. showed the possibilities.

Corbyn Carroll, Diamondbacks outfielder: If Mighty Mouse played baseball, he might be someone like Carroll.The 22-year-old lefty packs a lot of power into his speedy 5-foot-10 frame.

But if you’re dreaming of sneak-attacking powerstrokes like Mookie Betts and Jose Ramirez, be careful. His ultimate advantage comes down to how much contact he has and whether he makes a great center fielder or a great corner outfielder. Still, in 93 games and his 3rd-level minors, and his 32 games in Arizona, Carroll will hit 28 home runs and record 33 stolen bases in his 2022. If you’re thinking of him from a fantasy baseball lens, move Carol to the top of your list. .

Francisco Alvarez, Mets catcher/designated hitter: Do you like big, beefy dingers? 21 year old Alvarez And show enough patience. The only conundrum is whether the Mets want him to be a more defensive seasoning behind Triple-A, or unleash him for a full season in the majors.

Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe: The Yankees put a lot of pressure on Volpe by sitting in two consecutive classes of free-agent shortstops in the marquee. They expect Volpe to be a balanced star. Although his revelatory 2021 has been superseded by some concerns about how his uppercut-like swing will perform against advanced pitching, in April his The 22-year-old will soon be testing his mettle in the Bronx.

The most exciting prospects in minors

Jordan Walker, Cardinals third baseman/outfielder: The book and cover may match. Walker’s impressive 6-foot-5 frame is just a visual prelude to the freight train hurtling toward his spot in the nearby majors’ league cleanup.

Jackson Tullio, Brewers outfielder: In 2022, no prospect grabbed more attention than Chourio. He soared from his A-ball to Double-A at just 18 years old and captivated scouts. and the athleticism that foreshadows the center field star that anchors the franchise. Baseball America ranked him third in overall prospects.

James Wood, Nationals outfielderJuan Soto Trade headliner Wood, who stands 6-foot-7 in the 2021 draft, was drafted in the second round due to concerns that most hitters in a fight of his size would suffer from a strikeout problem. I fell in my eyes.Then his 2022 Basically one big “OH, MAYBE NOT”. If the contact ability he showed last season remained relatively stable, the baseball prospectus ranked him third overall prospect.

Ellie de la Cruz, Reds shortstop: If you want to watch one minor league game in 2023, it’s the De La Cruz game.The lanky, dynamic 6-foot-5 de la Cruz is a shortstop and of out of the ball (this is a technical term). He’s a prodigious athlete——basically, he has one hurdle (plate discipline) to clear before we can even start talking about the MVP award. And even without that hurdle, De La Cruz could be a great and fun player to watch.

A potential ace in the making

Orioles right-handed pitcher Grayson Rodriguez: Yes, the Orioles have the best overall prospects in baseball and the best pitching prospects in baseball, according to Baseball Prospectus calculations. Baseball America’s Rodriguez is one under the next name on this list is in

With Lutschmann and Henderson, if not for a late injury that kept him out for months. Durability may be the only question he has to answer. This is the classic ace his profile—a fastball that can soar in the zone, a devastating slider, a tremendous changeup, two pitches he might not even need to win a major—and a very modern version of him. Lack of experience in throwing 100 points or more. 4 or 5 innings per start.

Andrew Painter, right-handed pitcher for the PhilliesThe MLB Pipeline and Baseball America pitcher won’t turn 20 until April, but he already boasts eye-catching control and triple-digit heat. He reached Double-A, ending a blistering 2022 campaign…where he stole his 37th batters in his 28 1/3 innings and walked two (!). It’s not zero chance that Paynter will be his third pitcher to start a major league game as a teenager, after Felix Hernandez and Julio Urias since his 1995.

Yuri Perez, Marlins right-handed pitcher: Perez, who is only 19 years old, is (at least) 6 feet 8 inches tall and His physique lends itself to concerns about how he’ll hold up to the workload of a starter.Although he missed the starting lineup in 2022 due to shoulder fatigue, Perez is a big part of the Marlins’ pitching success story. It is becoming

Other top prospects ready to contribute in 2023

Ezekiel Tovar, Rockies shortstop: Who Between the two levels of minors in 2022, Tovar, by most logical progression, should take over as shortstop for the Rockies by June and aim for at least 15 home runs and 15 stolen bases.

Mets third baseman Brett Beatty: , Baty’s sweet left-handed swing face One tends to put the ball on the ground against top-level pitching. The other has nothing to do with swing. He needs to either improve his defense in the hot corner or move to the outfield soon.

Taj Bradley, right-handed pitcher for the Rays: Bradley, who has beaten hitters at every lower level and held his own in Triple-A, is about to enroll in Tampa. The previous 5th round pick exploded into big prospects in 2020.

Miguel Vargas, Dodgers third baseman/outfielder: Vargas fits the recent Dodgers mold of the “anywhere hitter.” He’s not really a good defender anywhere except first base, but he casually laces line drives everywhere while walking about as much as he strikes out. The Dodgers will rely on Vargas to provide some offense after a major exit offseason.

Hunter Brown, Astros right-handed pitcher: Brown, who carbon-copied Justin Verlander’s pitching, could play with his idol in 2022. The 24-year-old could end up in the bullpen if his control doesn’t improve or he simply can’t crack a loaded Astros. rotate.

Oswaldo Peraza, Yankees shortstop/second baseman: Peraza, most often mentioned to end the phrase “with Anthony Volpe,” reached the majors in late 2022 and had some memorable moments in the postseason. He is considered to have a lower ceiling than Volpe due to his lower apparent potential. But he’s a more solid shortstop in the long run, and if you’re looking for a youngster with the best chances of winning the Yankees opening day job, he’s your man.

Logan Ohope, Angels catcher: A powerful offensive catcher with endurance and out-of-the-box power acquired at the trade deadline from the Phillies, Ohoppe will soon join the starting line-up.

Pictograms of notable prospects for 2023

Red Sox shortstop Marcelo Mayer: Three years after the Mookie Betts trade and months after the departure of Xander Bogaerts, the Red Sox Nation are restless. , and the promised future has not yet arrived in Boston. If the sun rises in Bloom’s tenure, he probably needs a 2021 No. 4 overall Mayer to live up to the high expectations. So far so good, but there is still a lot of development left for his 20-year-old, who is still waiting for his first crack at Double-A.

Daniel Espino, right-handed pitcher for the Guardians: . he does No Throw in often or regularly enough to hold your breath in his Cleveland debut. Espino has a thrilling strikeout called “Meet the new Spencer Strider.” Luckily for the ever-fluctuating Guardian pitching machine, among the top 100 prospects are Gavin Williams and Tanner. With the addition of two starters for Bibby, it looks like a better bet to claim a rotation role by the end of the season.

Ricky Tiedemann, Blue Jays left-handed pitcher: The southpaw has only one professional season and has 78 2/3 innings, but he is convinced by some raters to be in the top 15 overall prospects. A short track record equals uncertainty for a young pitcher, but if his progress continues on track, he could make it to the majors in 2023.

Curtis Meade, Rays infielder: The Australian’s swing caused the scout to pause just before his hand exploded toward the ball, but the industry accepts it works well. Thing. He played in his 3rd place and his 2nd place, neither of which look great. He may roll up a deadly bat that wedges wherever convenient.

Endy Rodriguez, Pirates catcher/outfielder: 2022 minor league pitching (.323/.407/.590 at three levels) blistering momentum as Rodriguez abandons catcher as his primary occupation and joins the Pittsburgh lineup in early 2023 could mean moving to an outfield corner at The compelling rise of a relatively unheard-of player the Pirates acquired from the Mets for Joey Lucchesi.

Noelvi Marte, Reds shortstop/third basemanMarte looks like a well-rounded hitter but there are questions about where he will play on defense. tasked with determining whether it is necessary to move to a lower

Tink hence the Cardinals right-handed pitcher: He’s still a few years away from the majors. I got

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