The Guardian has named JT Maguire as its new outfield coach, reports Cleveland Plains dealer Paul Hoynes. Maguire has worked for the Cleveland organization for the last five years and this will be his first official role on his team in the big leagues.

Maguire, 36, rose relatively quickly through the Guardians’ system after six years as a college coach. In 2019, Cleveland’s rookie league he was first hired as the club’s bench coach, but with his 2020 minor league season canceled, Maguire left the majors after coaching at his league’s alternate training site. In 2021, he moved to his coaching role on the Triple-A Columbus bench. In a coordinator role to oversee the organization’s outfield and baserunning efforts.

The experience made Maguire the logical choice to step into the vacant role of outfield coach for the Guards. Kyle Hudson He left the team in December to become the Red Sox first base coach. Cleveland’s Outfield Given the number of homegrown products in his mix, Maguire is already familiar with players such as: Stephen Kwan, Oscar Gonzales, Will Bensonand the next wave of prospects that could receive even more MLB exposure in 2023.


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