To Chris Williams: Oscar La Jolla signs WBO Welterweight Champion Terrence Budd Crawford tonight with Golden Boy Promotions, along with Alexis Rocha, Virgil Ortiz Jr. and possibly PBC fighter Errol Spence Jr. He revealed that he was considering a match.

De La Hoya said he had positive discussions with Crawford tonight and feels he could sign him and play him right away.DAZN’s 38-year-old at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, Calif. A fight card against light welterweight George Ashey (33-6-1, 25 KOs).

Rocha, 25, looked deeply flawed in tonight’s fight with Ashie and was tagged over and over again by weaker and smaller fighters. had fought, Crawford could have defeated him easily.

Rocha’s defense is non-existent and will be another David Avanesyan-type opponent for Crawford. Another Gimme with a calligraphy.

Oscar de la Hoya told Fight Hub TV, “He came to say hello to two legends, me and Hopkins, and gave love to Terrence Crawford, the world’s greatest pound-for-pound fighter. I wanted to show you,” he said. .

“We look forward to furthering the discussion. We might be able to have a Rocha vs. Crawford fight. We can deliver any fight he wants. He is currently the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

“He is the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. , I like it.

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“Yeah, we can get him and Rocha, and him and Virgil, and even him and Errol Spence. I want to make it happen, I want 2023 to be the biggest year for boxing.

“I’m going after everybody. I’m back baby. I’m back. I don’t mind seeing Terrence and Rocha. That’s the fight, then there’s Vergil. So sit down with the PBC.” So why not finally find Spence.

“ESPN Highlights Reel, Sports Center, tough kid, tough kid. In the seventh round of the night, she lost to the bigger, stronger and younger-built 147-pound Alexis Rocha.

“He actually reminded me of his style, Ike Korty. I was getting flashbacks, good counter-punching.

Go after Rocha vs. Crawford, and Crawford vs. Virgil, and Spence, whatever it is. I have to talk to Crawford again and come up with a game plan. We have some good matches in store for him,” De La Hoya said.


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