Gavin Lux spent most of 2022 at second base for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but was not ranked as one of the top 10 shortstops entering the 2023 season by MLB Network’s Shredders.

In addition to Lux, the Shredders include Tommy Edman (St. Louis Cardinals), Trevor Story (Boston Red Sox), Brandon Crawford (San Francisco Giants), Jeremy Peña (Houston Astros) and JP Crawford. (Seattle Mariners) were also included. You just missed ranking.

Former Dodgers shortstop Trea Turner, who signed a 13-year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies this offseason, checked in as the No. 1 shortstop, according to Shredder. It’s his fifth time Turner is ranked and his first to hold the top spot.

Since 2020, Turner ranks first among current shortstops (minimum 800 at-bats) in batting average (.316), slugging percentage (.514) and wRC+ (139), and second in on-base percentage (.364).

Minnesota Twins star Carlos Correa follows Turner, along with Xander Bogaerts (San Diego Padres), Corey Seager (Texas Rangers), Francisco Lindor (New York Mets), Dansby Swanson (Chicago Cubs), Beau Bichette (Toronto Blue) followed. Jays), Willie Adams (Milwaukee Brewers), Tim Anderson (Chicago White Sox) and Wonder Franco (Tampa Bay Rays) rounded out the Shredders rankings.

None of MLB Network analysts Mike Petriello, Sarah Langes, or Vince Gennaro placed Lux ​​in the top 10, all of whom gave Lindo the top spot. Both Petriello and Langs put Turner in second, with Gennaro in third.

Heading into the 2022 season, Fernando Tatis Jr. was ranked #1 among shortstops, but with the Padres signing Bogaerts, the 24-year-old missed the entire 2022 season due to injury and suspension. it was done. In right field, he checked in 9th overall.

Last season, Lux appeared in nine games at shortstop and 59 at that position in 2021, but is expected to take over as the starter after Turner’s departure.

While there are concerns over whether Lux will be able to play shortstop full-time, largely due to his pitching problems, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said the 25-year-old is ready for a natural life. I am sure you will have no problem going back. position.

Lux finished the 2022 season batting .276/.346/.399 with 20 doubles, 7 triples, 6 home runs, 42 RBIs, a .328 wOBA, and a 113 wRC+.

Top 10 shortstops for 2023

Rank shredder Mike Petriero Sarah Langs Vince Gennaro
1 Trea Turner (Phillies) Francisco Lindor (Mets) Francisco Lindor (Mets) Francisco Lindor (Mets)
2 Carlos Correa (twins) Trea Turner (Phillies) Trea Turner (Phillies) Xander Bogaerts (Padres)
3 Xander Bogaerts (Padres) Carlos Correa (twins) Carlos Correa (twins) Trea Turner (Phillies)
Four Corey Seager (Rangers) Corey Seager (Rangers) Xander Bogaerts (Padres) Carlos Correa (twins)
Five Francisco Lindor (Mets) Xander Bogaerts (Padres) Corey Seager (Rangers) Corey Seager (Rangers)
6 Dansby Swanson (Cubs) Wonder Franco (Rays) Wonder Franco (Rays) Wonder Franco (Rays)
7 Beau Bichette (Blue Jays) Beau Bichette (Blue Jays) Jeremy Peña (Astros) Dansby Swanson (Cubs)
8 Willie Adams (Brewers) Willie Adams (Brewers) Beau Bichette (Blue Jays) Willie Adams (Brewers)
9 Tim Anderson (White Sox) Dansby Swanson (Cubs) Dansby Swanson (Cubs) Beau Bichette (Blue Jays)
Ten Wonder Franco (Rays) Jeremy Peña (Astros) Willie Adams (Brewers) Jeremy Peña (Astros)

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