Gary Hamilton Calls on Glenavon to Replicate Boxing Day Display in Revenge Mission Against Newry

Gary Hamilton must show the same desire demonstrated in the Derby win over Portadown if Glenavon is to gain anything from this afternoon’s regrouped match against Newry City claims that

The showgrounds pitch was submerged on Friday, so the contest was postponed to today, along with five other premiership matches scheduled, but the task remains the same for the Lurgan Blues.

That match took place at Mornview Park, where Glenavon won a Boxing Day match against his Co-Armor neighbors, giving Hamilton the first win in his 11 years as manager.

“They were all very good against Portadown. There was plenty of application, hunger and desire,” he recalled. “We completely dominated the first half but there was nothing to show our efforts which had been repeated recently and we thought ‘let’s do it again’ but thankfully we had a goal early in the second half and We played really well.

“I thought our performance dropped a bit after we equalized and we looked a little nervous but thankfully we scored the second goal and finished strong. In fact we could have scored a few more.

“But we kept our supporters happy and sent them home. But we have to perform at the same level again, so hopefully we can take our chances when they come.”

Hamilton admitted that his side’s six-hour goal deficit was a “concern”, but he has scored in all but one of his last 17 games in the competition, meaning the manager has a three-prong attack. I’m sure it will be launched regularly again.

“Skinner[Eoin Bradley]Peter[Campbell]and Fitzey[Matthew Fitzpatrick]tied incredibly on Boxing Day,” he added. “Fitsey scored two goals, Peter finished as man of match and Skinner contributed both goals. When they click like that they are a great partnership and when they play like that. It’s hard to stop.

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