From Mike Tyson KO to White Collar Boxing at 49

British heavyweight Danny Williams is keeping his distant victory over Mike Tyson alive by extending his boxing career to 28 years.

The 49-year-old beat and stopped undisputed former champion Tyson in a shock win in Louisville in 2004. At the time, Williams sent a lightning bolt through the department to take out Tyson in such a bullying fashion.

Mike Tyson KO

However, a subsequent interview revealed that Tyson was using recreational drugs when he fought. “The Baddest Man on Earth” had no interest in winning a battle over his hefty salary.

In light of these facts, Williams hasn’t stopped agreeing to a number of fights across Europe since he lost his UK license in 2011. Everyone mentions Tyson at some point.

Despite almost two decades on, offers continued to pour in and Williams pushed 50. He even fought his second time as a pro in 2022.

But now, in a twist no one expected, Williams is back home for a white-collar game. Giving the event that status would allow Williams to compete in the UK again.

DKM Plushies announced the show on New Year’s Day. But many of his boxing fans shook his head at Williams, praising him for a different form of fighting.

Danny’s age and 32 losses don’t seem to matter when it comes to promoting events that can be profitable.

Danny Williams returns to London

Additionally, Williams’ opponent has been revealed as it has been confirmed that they will be fighting again in London for the first time in 12 years.

Former professional heavyweight Danny Williams will take on arguably one of the best heavyweight boxers on the circuit, John DP Shaw, on Friday, March 24 at Indigo o2 in what will be the biggest night in white-collar boxing history. I read that.

“With a professional career involving fights against Vitali Klitschko, Derek Chisora, Audrey Harrison, Julius Francis and a win over Mike Tyson, Williams is facing one of Britain’s best white-collar boxers. to DKMPLUSH debut.

John Shaw

In the past, Shaw has sparred with current British heavyweight champion Fabio Wardley. He spoke to the Worcester News about sharing the ring with an old British legend.

“I’m very confident. He’s a big name and he says he wants to win. Don’t be nervous. It’s a big opportunity, but the bigger the opportunity, the better I’ll be. It excites me.” ‘ said Shaw.

“I am here to put Worcester boxing on the map through the stable of fighters at the club and my fighter career.

“As usual, I’m not here to participate. I’m here to take over.”

Of Williams’ loss to welterweight in 2018, Shaw added: Not only that, he beat them!

“I will fight any man the promoter puts in front of me. Anyway, I will fight and come to win.”

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