Frank Warren says Beterbiev wins yards

To Jake Tiernan: Promoter Frank Warren was pleased with Anthony Yard’s performance last Saturday night in a loss to IBF, WBC and WBO light heavyweight champion Arthur Beterbiev at the OVO Arena in London, England.

Warren tied the undefeated Beterbiev in yards (23-3, 22 KOs) with undefeated Beterbiev (19-0, 19 KOs) and was in the lead when the contest was stopped in the eighth round. , which I feel has shown that he is a world-class fighter.

Warren was so impressed with the 31-year-old Yard’s performance that he plans to speak to top-ranked promoter Bob Arum against former WBO 175-pound champion Joe Smith Jr. (28-4, 22 KOs). Told.

It’s unclear if Warren wants that fight next, or after Yard’s confidence boost. It may not be the case.

We have to assume that Smith will stay around long enough to land plenty of hard shots to the head of the yards and not take it easy on him early on like Beterbiev did.

Beterbiev’s trainer Mark Ramsey said Artur didn’t start fighting aggressively until the seventh, when he hurt his yardage.

Smith didn’t take his time before chasing Yard’s jaws, and who knows if he could hold out under that kind of firepower?

Beterbiev’s experience showed

“Yeah, he has good resilience and he has shown it. He is a good boxer. ‘” Frank Warren told iFL TV about Artur Beterbiev in the way he spun Anthony Yard in the corner and beat the staff… him.

Warren said of Beterbiev, “He’s very smart at what he does, but he’s got a lot of experience.” “He has a lot of amateur experience, it was his 19th professional fight, and the vast experience he has gained has helped him.

“After that performance, you have to fantasize him against everyone else,” Warren said of Yard. [Beterbiev & Dmitry Bivol] Let’s get it and see what happens. All Anthony has to do is keep busy and keep winning.

“If he had more amateur experience, he would have done well. Twelve amateur fights, 300 wins against Beterbiev. The courage he showed, the skill he showed. He [Yarde] hurt him several times. they were both caught. You knew they were both fighting,” Warren said.

yard was in front

“That was an afterthought fight. It was kind of a pendulum type fight for a while,” Warren said. “he [Yarde] was in front, i was in front of him, and the two judges before him were neutral. They were neither British nor American.American judges had him [Yarde] in front.

“If it was anyone else, he would have been world champion. If he had been there with Joe Smith, he would have been world champion. I’m going through a world title fight,” Warren said of Yards.

“Had it been another champion like Joe Smith, I think he would have won fights and had more experience before going up against a fighter like Beterbiev. At 31 years old, it was a great fight and a great effort on his part.

“He gets a lot of respect for it. , Beterbiev is a tough guy and a very good fighter.

“In the first round, he was throwing some great jabs, and then he caught him after another with three very good left hooks. He said he’s a better boxer than he admits, but he’s shown it. [Yarde] He’s leveled up from where he’s been and now shows that he’s world-class,” Warren said.

What next for the yard?

“I know he was stopped. That being said, he came forward and proved he was in the company,” Warren said of Yards. Got a really nice shot and you were watching it from the edge of your seat and I wanted Anthony to win but he’s proud of himself and British boxing.

“He’s 31 years young, but I’m sure he can do it. I thought I could have won the fight.It was before the fight.The better guy won that night, but he certainly showed he was in that class.

“he gave him [Beterbiev] A tough, tough battle. You only saw him after the fight. You see Beterbiev’s face. You know his punishment. I’m going to talk to Bob [Arum] about itIt’s going to be a great fight.

“I’m sure his management will have different opinions, but it’s going to be a great fight. I’m very proud of what he did,” Warren said.

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