Yabuki 2 1
Photo by Boxing Beat

Yuzuru Koizumi

Former WBC world light flyweight champion Masamichi Yabuki (15-4-14 KO) 108 showed good form and defeated IBF #7 Venezuelan Ronald Chacon (28-2-14 KO) 108 three times before finally defeating him. stopped. 2:35 of the 11th round of 12 scheduled for Saturday in Nagoya, Japan. IBF#8 Yabuki, who lost the world belt to former title-list Kenshiro Teraji in a rematch last March with a third-round knockout, used his left hand to keep his distance and control the bout from the start. Wild and aspiring mixer Chacon tried to mix it up, but Yabuki moved well and continued to outbox the hard-punching Venezuelan. The former champion beat Chacon twice in the seventh round and once again in the eighth round. His surge in the 11th inning kept Chacon at bay, but referee Nakamura shook it off to save the loser from further punishment.

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