Sarah Fuller USATSI Vanderbilt Commodores

Minnesota Aurora FC goalie Sarah Fuller announced her retirement on Tuesday. She spent her only professional football season with Minnesota her Aurora FC in her USL W League, but Vanderbilt power five her when the Commodores didn’t have a placekicker in 2020. is best known for making history as the first woman to score in a football game.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Fuller said, “I’m at a place where I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life.” I decided.Football has given me more than I asked for.I am grateful for my successes and failures, the people I have met and the beautiful opportunities.The game has given me. ”

In a brief stint on the SEC football field, Fuller handled the kickoff and scored the extra points 2–2. Both contributed to his late 2020 season loss of the Commodores against rival Tennessee. Her college football career also included helping Vanderbilt win her 2020 SEC Tournament title.

Fuller spent most of her college career at Vanderbilt University, but joined the North Texas women’s soccer team in 2021 and is working towards a master’s degree in hospital administration. After completing her education, she was signed for the first time by Aurora ahead of her first USL W League season in 2022.

On the professional football field, she appeared in 13 games for Aurora, allowing only eight goals while recording a .860 save percentage. With her efforts, she was able to lead the team to her first-ever USL W her championship her game.

“It’s an honor to be part of such a monumental team,” Fuller said. “My hope is to inspire others and leave the game better than I can. I know what I was in my younger days to be proud of.”

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