Fordham’s Matt Sloan Wins Coaching Award at EXACT National Soccer Showcase

Courtesy of Accurate Sports

Long Island, New York – Fordham Men’s Soccer Coach, Matt Sloan, has made a name for itself in college football. Sloan was named Top His Coach by aspiring college athletes who attended the EXACT Soccer National Showcase camp throughout the 2022 Soccer Showcase Fall/Winter season. Athletes attending the camp rated the college coach his instructors, and Sloan his coach received the highest score among his peers.

Coach Sloan demonstrated the key attributes of MVC in his personal mission as a coaching professional. This mission embodies some of the core values ​​of EXACT Sports. These values ​​include rigorous recruitment education, an emphasis on mental toughness training, impacting the lives of student-athletes through advanced athletic training for multiple grades, and helping young athletes aspire to play in college programs. This includes igniting leadership opportunities.

EXACT’s unique National Showcase Camp goes beyond the traditional College ID Camp setting. This insightful athletic experience has served as the foundation for EXACT Sports for nearly 15 years, helping thousands of aspiring college athletes reach their goals and progress to the next level. Matt had the opportunity to share some of his vast wisdom as an instructor to high school athletes around the world.Sloan, Intensive Day Coach, conducts small group clinic activities and explores growth potential. Observed the players who showed up and led his one-on-one review sessions with each prospective player.

For more information on elite instruction from experienced NCAA coaches combined with mental training from EXACT Sports used in professional and collegiate sports, visit or 888-853-8877 Please contact us by phone.

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