Farhan Zaidi: ‘Unlikely’ for Giants to return to contract with Carlos Correa

The Giants’ president of baseball operations, Farhan Zaidi, addressed reporters (including Susan Slusser of ESPN and the San Francisco Chronicle) for the first time since signing a $350 million deal with the team. Carlos Correa Failed due to concerns raised physically. After that, Correa agreed to a $315 million contract with the Mets, but the Mets also have concerns about the player’s physical condition, so the signing has not been made official.

It’s been quiet since reports surfaced on Christmas Eve that the Mets had concerns about his body. That didn’t stop several other teams from checking the situation, and Zaidi confirmed that the Giants also checked in with Correa agent Scott Boras. .

“We have had some conversations. Since then, of course, we have been in touch with Boras about other players as well. We are focused on deals elsewhere. So based on their position, I think there is little chance of a deal with us at this point.” Zaidi said.

The collapse of Correa’s contract with San Francisco shocked the baseball world. The Giants had scheduled a press conference to introduce their new star, but postponed it to further investigate Correa’s body. Zaidi acknowledged that the Giants and Correa camps have different views on medical reviews, but said he maintains a strong relationship with Boras.

“I spoke with Scott Boras on the phone on Monday about handling Carlos’ physical rights when his plane landed in San Francisco at 5 p.m. That conversation has continued since that point. “It is not accurate. We have shared the information as it becomes available. We have a good working relationship with Scott Boras and his agency.”

The offseason has certainly been frustrating for the Giants organization.They entered the winter looking for a new face for the franchise, pushing hard to sign top free agents. Aaron JudgeThe current AL MVP has refused to re-sign a nine-year, $360 million contract with the Yankees. They quickly pivoted to Correa, and just six days after news broke that Judge had agreed to return to New York, reports surfaced that the Giants and Correa had agreed to a 13-year deal.

The team is still active this winter, Ross Stripling When Sean Manair in their rotation, taylor rogers into the bullpen Michael Conforto When Mitch Haniger to the outfield. As a result of these moves, San Francisco certainly has a strong roster, but the superstars they coveted never made it into the offseason and there are no more stars in the free agent market.

“One of the unfortunate aspects of the off-season is that historically, more attention has been paid to players who ended up not getting them than to players who got them. maybe.” Zaidi said.

One added layer to Correa’s story is what it means for the longtime Giants shortstop Brandon CrawfordHe is entering the final year of his contract and will have to pay $16 million in 2023. A deal with Correa could have meant Crawford moved to third base, but with Correa out of contract, he appears to be short in his 13th of his season. in San Francisco.

“I’m sure it’s been a frustrating and confusing time for him, but I also want to improve this team, including the group of shortstops that were there, all-star players we all felt. “We have to look for every opportunity to really improve our team. I think Brandon was aware that we might add one of those players. It was It didn’t work out and he’s currently our shortstop and we want to be on the playoff team.

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