Elon Musk didn’t ban journalists from doxxing. He did it because he could.

So many questions today after a tumultuous night on Twitter that saw Elon Musk suspend multiple journalists’ accounts for violating his company’s anti-docking policy. Twitter has also taken down Spaces’ audio chat feature. Musk used last night to have a live discussion about suspension.

All mysteries cannot be listed. But here’s a sample:

Like I said, this list can get really long. Whatever the answers to these questions are, it doesn’t matter in Elon Musk’s Twitter days. Because in Elon Musk’s Twitter days, all that matters is what Musk believes and does in the moment. So if you think Twitter’s future matters, you need to grasp it now.

This is a very obvious point. I talk about it at length here because I think Musk sometimes didn’t quite get it while owning it: whatever he says or respects him (still) Musk has no real plans, as many people on Twitter think it must be. And now that he’s changed his mind, what he says or tweets he could change in a week or an hour. Or maybe he didn’t believe it in the first place.

If you followed Musk closely before he bought Twitter, you’ll learn about his history of deviant and often disruptive behavior. But this spring, he first announced he was joining his Twitter board of directors, then said he wasn’t joining, then said he would buy the company, and then A business plan for investors who have no connection to realityAnd if you haven’t actually tracked it down, you surely knew how many months he spent this summer. No He tried to get out of a signed contract with a series of blatant lies.

anyway. we are here now As long as Musk owns his Twitter, this situation will remain the same. He would wake up and mumble something and later that night would say that it never happened or that up is down and black is white.

I can dutifully point out that he contradicts himself — last night, We all noted again what he said he supports free speech, but when it comes to what he owns, he doesn’t support it—but it doesn’t matter. That’s the consistent part.

This is also one of the true similarities we’ve seen between Musk and Donald Trump.Donald Trump also lied when he opened his mouth and erratically wielded enormous power.However, Mask Unlike Trump, when he was the leader of the free world, there were some limits to his actions. Some were structural, such as the parliamentary and court system thwarted some of his efforts. At times they were as flimsy as members of his inner circle who ignored his orders or walked slowly. And voters finally took action to remove him from office after four years.

However, none are currently facing masks. No one in his circle will challenge him, and anyone who works for him and says no to him will be fired. And externally, there are few forces that limit his actions. The only exception is the US court system, which ultimately forced him to honor the purchase agreement and actually buy Twitter. (Possibility of seeing another version of this manifesto if the federal government determines that Musk’s Twitter account violated his FTC consent order approved by his Twitter’s former management.) there is..)

But that’s it. Users and advertisers can grunt and bail out, but he doesn’t have to listen to them as long as he has enough money to fund the operation — he continues this sold an additional $3.6 billion in Tesla stock. Tesla shares have plummeted in value recently, but he owns a lot of them. His banks, friends and allies that helped him fund the deal in the first place?They can sound grouse too, but that doesn’t matter to Musk.All of this is because he has his Twitter It will continue until the day you decide to stop.

if he does. Bloomberg’s Ashley Vance, who knows Musk well and wrote his comprehensive biography in 2015, thinks Musk will never concede defeat.

I wish you could tell me another story. So Musk is in chaos mode right now, rolling up his sleeves and getting hardcore with his new purchases. And once he’s done with this phase, Twitter will settle down just in time for the 2024 election cycle. Alternatively, all of this can be resolved by moving to a Twitter alternative or creating his own Twitter on the blockchain, so the billionaire doesn’t have sole control over his messaging platform.

But I think we’re in better shape if we face reality in real terms. And now he’s going to do it on his own whim…because he can.

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