January 28 — The District 2-5A Men’s Basketball Race didn’t start Saturday with a three-way tie for first place, but it ended in first place.

That’s largely thanks to the Eldorado Eagles, who defeated West Mesa 58-54 on Saturday afternoon.

Michael Knaub scored 19 points and Josiah Mitchell added 18 points to Eldorado (13-7 overall), adding to Sandia (16-4) and West Mesa (15-5) for a 2-5A standings. was.

Each team is 3 to 1 in league play.

The only reason Saturday didn’t end in a battle for first place was because Farmington played at home, beating La Cueva 78-62 in the afternoon. The Bears (12-8) are his 2-2 record, leaving him one game behind three co-leaders.

In District 5-5A, Santa Fe lead the league early on, but the Demons are followed by Los Lunas.

The Tigers (16-4, 3-1) beat Rio Grande 63-30 on Saturday afternoon to beat rivals Capital (12-7, 1) to 1 to Santa Fe (13-7, 4-0). I made a game difference. -3) with a score of 71-55 on Saturday night.

Sophomore guard Jarin Holland scored 31 points to put Los Lunas against the Ravens (10-8, 2-2). Point guard Ezra Guest added a dozen points.

The Los Lunas got back on their feet quickly, took a 10-point lead over the Ravens in the first quarter, and didn’t look back.

“We didn’t get our best shot at the Rio Grande today,” said Tigers manager Travis Julian. “They’re a better team than that.”

Despite the loss, the Rio Grande were in sole third place at 5-5A on Saturday afternoon.

Women: Sandia had a difficult week, losing at home to both Volcano Vista and La Cueva. However, the Matador visited Piedra Vista 69-15 in District 2-5A on Saturday afternoon.

Together, the Matador’s excellent sophomore trio — Sidney Bennally, Hope Giddings and Audrey Wright — scored 61 of the team’s points. Benalley scored 30, Giddings scored 17 and Wright scored 14.

Sandia (14-5, 2-2 in 2-5A) was beaten 64-57 by La Cueva on Wednesday.

“It was a disappointing La Cueva game, but we had two of our best practices of the year on Thursday and Friday,” said Matadors manager Lee Kettig.

Sandia will play their home game next weekend against Farmington (19-1, 4-0) who lead Division 2-5A.

The Scorpions were in Albuquerque on Saturday, defeating La Cueva 53-41 in the battle for first place. Guard Eva Love returned to La He Cueva’s lineup on Saturday after being sidelined with his ankle injury the previous month. Love’s playing time was limited, but he scored six points in about 12 minutes of action, La He said his coach Marisa Corgan of Cueva.

Jordyn Dyer leads the Bears with 13 points.

Senior guard Kamalani Anitiel scored 13 points to give Farmington the lead. Kjani Anitielu added his 12 points to the Scorpions and in a big first half he took his 20-point lead over La Cueva.


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