“Abandon the ambition of fools”

Elden Ring’s Coliseum DLC was released in a surprise way on December 7th, and players immediately created new characters for the PvP mode. The Elden Ring community is a creative community, with recreated Bloodborne Father Gascoigne and, somehow, builds of Mecha-his suit already made and shared. The latest wacky build courtesy of heavy_tempest1. This is Mike Tyson’s brawler with a copyrighted face tattoo.

The tarnished version of the heavyweight boxing champion looks a little less worn, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re abandoned by Grace. I bit off my ear. The same goes for his unclean counterparts. Instead of biting off his ears, he wears illegitimate gloves, Caestus, leather weapons on fists and inlaid with iron barbs.

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Shared alongside screenshots of the completed character is an action shot of Tarnished Tyson slamming a square in the poor enemy’s face and blowing his head off. The reticle is pinned to his chest, and Tarnished Tyson’s stance indicates he is about to launch a devastating follow-up attack. For the sake of my opponent, I hope I don’t have the stamina of a real boxer.

Players share some hilarious comments below the post. The build made quite an impression, with commentators begging the OP to “bro, give me a slide…”. They would like to see a slider that shows how to recreate the legend itself.

This Tarnished Tyson seems to have a bite to back up the bark (pun very intended). One commenter wrote, “If you’re Mike Tyson who rocked me and my bro shit on Xbox, you definitely put money in your mouth lol.” If you face off against them in the Colosseum, it’s a good idea to raise his arms and protect his ears.

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