Eddie Hahn believes Jake Paul will knock out Tommy Fury in a match on February 26.

Paul faces Fury at the Diriyah Arena, with both reputations at stake.

Americans are favorites of bookmakers despite having little amateur experience.

Fury has a fighting background, but is considerably less skilled than his brother. Tyson Furyworld WBC heavyweight champion.

And Hahn hopes to meet his end in the Middle East next month.

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Eddie Hahn tipped Jake Paul for knocking out Tommy Fury
Eddie Hahn tipped Jake Paul for knocking out Tommy Fury

What does Eddie Hahn say about Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

“Tommy Fury is incredibly limited, isn’t he? But he’s a fighter,” he said during his appearance at MMA Hour.

“He’s a boxer. So all the criticism of Jake is, ‘You’ve never fought a boxer.’ He’s trying to – not very good, but still a boxer.

“For Tommy Fury, it’s kind of embarrassing. Like if he loses. It’s embarrassing to lose to Jake. That’s the boxer’s reality. I mean, if you lose to Jake Paul, you’d be embarrassed. will do.

“Still, he’s not very good, but I genuinely think he can fight Canelo Alvarez and win, so this is where we always argue. This is what we fought. But in the end, you have to redeem yourself.

“It’s not his world. Fighters, if someone does it and they feel threatened, they’ll get up and then they’ll go for it. It should be noted that the way you speak personally about something like that is not necessarily Tommy Fury.

“But I think he’s going to mentally screw Tommy up, and by the time they get in the ring, I think Tommy’s going to be defeated before the fight even starts.” I think Paul will win by knockout.”

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