By the time reporters stormed the Eagles’ victory locker room late Saturday night, Lane Johnson was already fully clothed and bowed, forming a line of bees to the far exit.

Even after playing the entire game with a painful groin injury, Johnson fended off the media and was fine.

Anyway, his play spoke enough.

And Johnson’s teammates were happy to brag about him.

“He’s a warrior,” Jalen Hartz said. “He’s a true warrior and an important part of this team. He’s been doing great things for a very long time and I’m very grateful to him. I am grateful and glad that he came out of this clean.

Johnson, 32, made his comeback in the divisional round of the playoffs when the Eagles went 38-7 against the Giants. It was his first game action since suffering an adductor muscle tear against the Cowboys on Christmas Eve.

By the way, that adductor muscle is still torn. It still hurts. With or without a parade, every Eagles season ends with surgery to repair his groin.

But Johnson made the selfless decision to postpone that surgery in favor of hosting a second Super Bowl in Philadelphia. That sacrifice means everything to his teammates.

“That means the world,” said fellow offensive lineman Jordan Mailata. “It means the world. Sacrifice your body for a boy. Be selfless and get out there ASAP. was “crazy”. He was great in practice and he was great tonight. he is a machine ”

Johnson missed the final two games of the regular season and rested during the wild card round after the Eagles earned their No. 1 seed and bye week.

Saturday night, Johnson played 67 offensive snaps before the Eagles pulled out Hearts and several offensive linemen late in the game. Earlier Saturday night, Johnson looked uncomfortable and was even seen grabbing his injured groin, but he stayed in the game. And he played very well.

The Eagles’ offense is arguably a completely different animal with a healthy Harts and Johnson in the lineup.

Since the start of the 2016 season (including the playoffs), the Eagles are 60-29-1 with Johnson in the lineup and 10-22 without him.

“When you have Lane, Lane is the best tackle in the NFL,” head coach Nick Siriani said. was awesome. He lets us go. That whole offensive line gets us going.”

Saturday night the Eagles rushed for an incredible 268 yards (a franchise-record 6) behind the strength of their star-studded offensive line. And the team surrendered only one sack he surrendered in the entire game.

We didn’t really know who was running the football on Saturday. worked. Kenny Gainwell had 112 yards and one touchdown, Miles Sanders had 90 yards and Boston Scott had 32 yards and one touchdown. Chipped in at 34 and hurt his own touchdown.

It was with their offensive line that the Eagles were able to run the ball so effectively. And Johnson’s return on Saturday was a big part of that.

“You don’t have to say much,” said Dallas Godard. “He’s the best right tackle in last year’s game. It’s obviously a plus for us to have him there.”

It was encouraging that Johnson held up throughout Saturday’s game. The Eagles will need Johnson again next week. This time it will be against DeMarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons, or Nick Bosa.

It’s not easy.

But Johnson is as tough as they come. And that’s no less than his teammates.

“It’s difficult, isn’t it?” said Gainwell. “After missing a few minutes with an injury, he decided to come back.

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