Philadelphia — They love the underdog here. The Rocky statue stands proudly near the Rocky Stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Nick Foles replaced Carson Wentz and led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl his championship on February 4, 2018.

After all, Eagles center Jason Kelce, a living legend, has an apparel collection from Underdog Philadelphia.

“Underdog embodies the city of Philadelphia,” Kelce said in November. “It’s a mentality.”

So Brock Purdy is like an underdog fairy tale that Philadelphia embraces with brotherhood. If he weren’t looking to end the Eagles’ season with his NFC Championship game on Sunday, the underdog quarterbacked the 49ers to Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, was born in Arizona, and won the Super Bowl. He made history as the first rookie quarterback to ever play.

Mark Sanchez played well in his first AFC Championship game as a 2009 Jets rookie (17/30, 257 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception), but Joe Flacco’s clock was midnight in his first AFC Championship. hit the game, and for Ben Roethlisberger as a rookie in his first AFC Championship Game. So perhaps the Mr. Irrelevant who stayed relevant for the 49ers after the loss of Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo, he’ll be hitting midnight Sunday from 3pm to 6pm for Brock Purdy. prize.

But no 49er has seen Purdy go seven wins in seven starts and 59 postseason attempts without an interception.

Brock Purdy is the kind of underdog story Eagles fans would love if he wasn't a 49ers quarterback.
Brock Purdy is the kind of underdog story Eagles fans would love if he wasn’t a 49ers quarterback.
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“I think it’s about composure and competitiveness in a pressure situation,” right tackle Mike McGrinchee told the Post. So he hasn’t missed a beat.And as the match progresses and the moment gets bigger and brighter, he just keeps getting better and better.He attacks fearlessly head-on and stays complete throughout the deal. He’s a professional and that’s why he’s successful.”

It’s never easy for a rookie quarterback to lead. But it was easy for the 49ers to chase his Purdy block (13 TDs, 4 INTs in the regular season, 3 TDs, 0 INTs in the postseason).

“He has a quiet confidence,” McGlinchey said. He knows he doesn’t have to be superhuman there. We have a really talented team. Everyone should do their job. He took it wholeheartedly and did the right thing on and off the field, which is why he has grown into a leader.

“Obviously the more success he has in the position he plays, the more credibility he will have.As the season progresses, he will grow from experience.

No time for Brock Purdy gatherings.

“He’s intense,” said McGrinchie. “He’s working on it. He’s locked up and in total command of the ten other guys there. He tells people to shut up when they need to shut up. He gives players reminders throughout play.

It was a godsend for the 49ers to trade running back Christian McCaffrey midseason.

“He’s the best football player I’ve ever had,” McGrinchee said.

brock purdy
brock purdy
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And there’s no way to measure how lucky Purdy is to be coached and developed by playcaller head coach Kyle Shanahan.

“It’s great to have Brock on board with Kyle,” McGrinchee said. But Kyle demands excellence, so it’s also a double-edged sword. He is the strongest competitor on our team. But Brock did it in such a great way that he earned Kyle’s respect and Kyle continued to help improve his game and Brock helped Kyle improve his play calling. He’s a killer and wants to win more than anyone else, and Brock certainly benefits from that mindset and ability to plan defenses. “

The Eagles Front is ferocious and terrifying.

“They’re great players, they play well as a unit, they have great individual players who can play across the field. They rush five guys and test you in one-on-one situations. And “They’re tough on the run,” said McGlinchey. I have to go to

Of course, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has to get it against the fearsome Demeko Lyons defense led by Defensive Player of the Year Nick Bosa.

“He’s the most complete defensive lineman I’ve ever played against in terms of running and passing,” McGrinchee said. “There are so many ways he can beat you in the passing game that it makes it so hard to prepare for him. can beat you with finesse.He can beat you in so many different ways.His ability to uncover your wrong moves.

Growing up an Eagles fan in Warrington, Pennsylvania, McGrinchee recalls Purdy in training camp.

“He was very serious about being great. He was eager to study and to learn as quickly as possible. beat another quarterback or two who were here in the building and stayed on top of them, we do what it takes for him and our team and staff to claim the last spot. Thank God you didn’t take it lightly.

No one misses Brock Purdy now. At least Underdog Philadelphia.

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