buffalo bills safety, Dummer Hamlin He continues to recover from a horrific injury sustained after a tackle against Xavier in the regular season. Cincinnati BengalsThis caused the player to undergo CPR for approximately 10 minutes on the field. Peycoe Stadiumbefore regaining his pulse and transporting him University of Cincinnati Medical Center by ambulance.

hamlins The recovery process has been swift and amazing, and now he’s trying to turn his fear of injury into a positive note.

Damar Hamlin Takes on 3 GOATs

Dummer Hamlin teamed up with American Heart Association to launch “Heart Challenge Dummer Hamlin 3”the three simple steps he described could save anyone’s life.

“I want to thank you all for your love and support over the last few weeks.As you know, CPR saved my life on the field earlier this year.CPR can easily save your life and your loved ones. I was able to save you.”

He went on to say he tried. Tom Brady, LeBron James When Michelle Obamathe three he mentioned “GOAT’s” in each field.

it’s here Dummer Hamlin I want to raise awareness about how to execute CPRbecause it can be important at any time.


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