Donovan Mitchell’s 71-point game highlights wild NBA night

3 thoughts on a wild night in the NBA, starting with Donovan Mitchell’s 71-point overtime win over the Bulls…

1. The Cavaliers look like geniuses

OK, I guess you could say I look like a genius too. Because I was a big fan of the Donovan Mitchell trade with Cleveland. Not only did the Cavaliers acquire him one of the game’s greatest scorers and a top 25 player before he entered his prime. Mitchell solved the exact problem that plagued Cleveland last season. . Darius GarlandObviously any team could use Mitchell’s talent scorer, but the Cavaliers, already a capable team, were desperate for more scoring punches. Garland struggled last year, especially as the defense piled on him, when he was asked to create himself over and over again in the late game. It’s a tough job for anyone, and playing that style of basketball isn’t Garland’s forte.

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