Dodgers, Tony Gonsolin agree to 2-year deal to avoid arbitration

dodgers and right arm Tony Gonsolin The team announced it had signed a two-year, $6.65 million contract to avoid arbitration. The deal will not affect the club’s team control window as he is still controllable until the 2026 season.

Athletic’s Fabian Ardaya reports financial breakdowns for Beverly Hills Sports Council clients (on Twitter). Gonsolin is set to make his $3.25 million during the next season, which sits just north of the halfway point between his $3.4 million filing and the team’s $3 million offer. . The deal includes his rather modest base salary of $3.4 million for 2024, but the right-hander could tackle a decent amount if he stays healthy this year. Gonsolin’s 2024 salary will increase by $500,000 if he starts 14, 16, 18, 20, 24 and 28 games this season, adding his $3 million to his 2024 salary. may be added. The deal also includes an unspecified bonus based on Cy Young voting results.

While a relatively insignificant deal in the big picture, it will certainly lock in club and player costs for years to come. Two more seasons of arbitration entitlement covering 26 years remain. The Dodgers had agreed to contracts with nine other Erb-eligible players by the Jan. 14 deadline, so the Dodgers’ arbitration work ended this offseason.

Gonsolin debuted in 2019 and was a depth starter over the first two seasons. The St. His Mary product has been consistently effective, but it didn’t take a permanent spot in the Dodgers’ strong rotation until last year. During the 2022 campaign, Gonsolin solidified himself as one of the sport’s preeminent pitchers. He posted an impressive 2.14 ERA in 130 1/3 innings covering 24 starts. A .207 ball batting average makes him unlikely to maintain ace-level run prevention, but the 28-year-old has a strong walk percentage of 7% and beats his opponents with an above-average 23.9%. Even though his ERA is one step lower, he still has plenty of ability as a mid-range pitcher.

The Dodgers’ salary is just under $222 million, according to Roster Resource calculations. The team’s competitive balance tax amount is several million dollars above the base threshold of $233 million, and Gonsolin’s annual average of $3.325 million counts against the ledger. I’m here. They are about $238 million in estimated CBT debt.

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