A big topic in baseball is the speed of the game. The amount of time it takes for a game to end can drive fans away, but MLB came up with the idea of ​​a pitch clock.

It quickly sparked controversy, with players and fans wondering if this would rob baseball of its true nature. I think there may be another problem for

Like anything new, it needs adjustment. The MLB pitcher is one of the best players in the world, but perhaps this pitch his clock is their downfall (via Fox Sports).

“I think it’s a big unknown as to who can and who can’t,” Friedman said. “For some players, it will be easy. For others, it’s not.”

Varying speed is an interesting method, but the pitcher is actually the most affected. Hitters can adjust on the fly, but growing technology, including PitchCom, forces pitchers to get involved in play and throw the ball faster.

Neither pitcher has expressed little to no desire for change. But this is the reality of baseball.

MLB is smart at trying to keep up with the new wave of sports fans, but too many changes may be happening too quickly. The game is slowly changing and lifelong fans may start to shy away.

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