Dillon Danis’ return to martial arts remains pending.

According to Moms Taylor of Misfits Boxing, who is also part of KSI’s management group, Danis has withdrawn from a boxing match with YouTube star KSI in London scheduled for January 14.

“I got a call saying Dillon was quitting the fight,” Taylor said in a video statement. I didn’t think this would be anything for someone who cares as much about his reputation and what people think of him as he does. They were right.”

The news comes after Danis, who was absent from a pre-fight press conference last month, said in an interview with Chael Sonnen that behind-the-scenes tactics were being used to put him at a disadvantage in the ring days ago. brought later.

After being skeptical about his “shady” lead-up to the event, Danis recently said he would consider returning to MMA if the fight fails.The 29-year-old is still under contract with Bellator has not competed since submitting Max Humphrey in June 2019.

Danis did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the MMA Junkie situation.

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