Undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney and his father, Bill, say anyone in the 135-pound division who wants to be champion in 2023 must go through him this year.

Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) holds four belts throughout the year and plans to increase to 140 in 2024.

It certainly makes sense for Haney to do whatever it takes to stay 135 for at least another year.

  • Jarbonta “Tank” Davis
  • Shakur Stevenson
  • Ryan Garcia
  • Frank Martin
  • Isaac Cruz

It makes no sense for Haney to leave the division after his yet-to-be-signed title defense against Vasyl Lomachenko in May.

Now, Haney still has the task of defending against former three-division world champion Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) on May 20.

Haney looks big, but he’s put on a lot of size since his win over George Kambosos Jr. last October, so it’s doubtful he’ll hit the 135-pound limit in this fight.

“The lightweight division is being held hostage and we’re looking at who holds the key,” trainer Bill Haney said on social media about his son and undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney.

“I never drop the belt. The only man in the world to defend the undisputed championship. I’m going to defend my title for the second time. Everyone else dropped the belt. I won’t drop the belt.”

“Lightweight. Only one person has the key. To get the key, everyone has to come get it. I repeat. Anyone can get it.” Devin Haney versus everyone.

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“Again, anyone can get their hands on it. I’m not dropping the belt. The lightweight division is locked and you’re looking at the guy. There can only be one champion.

“Anyone who wants to be champion will have to pass Devin Haney in 2023, and someone might consider winning the belt in 2024.

“Champion, if someone wants to be lightweight champion in 2023, who do they have to go through, champ?” Bill said to Devin.

“You have to go through the undisputed champion,” Haney said.

“Look, you have to go through the undisputed champion,” Bill said. “Boxing alert. Lightweight division under siege in 2023. Bad news.”


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