To Sam Voltz: Keyshawn Davis says Devin Haney will vacate his lightweight title and move up to 140 after facing Vasyl Lomachenko in May, rather than staying at 135 to face Shakur Stevenson. rice field.

Keyshawn said that if Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) stays at lightweight to face Shakur Stevenson (19-0, 9 KOs), even if it’s going to be a big fight. I would say you will be very surprised. huge match.

After Haney fought Lomachenko, the only big fight in 135 as far as Keyshawn is concerned is against Shakur. Haney is very big for the division and has to put in a lot of effort to get down to 135 pounds, so Keyshawn doesn’t want him to stay there to face Stevenson.

Keyshawn Davis told FightHype when asked if Devin Haney was still 135 years old after fighting Vasyl Lomachenko in May, he said, “If he was hanging out, he would be with Shakur.” I think he will fight, but he doesn’t want to fight Shakur.

“If he beats Lomachenko, I think that’s the only fight worth it. I’ll fight the next big star, Shakur Stevenson.

“After he fights Lomachenko, I don’t think he wants to fight Shakur Stevenson after that. We know you don’t know. Devin Haney, he won’t. I would be very surprised if I fought Stevenson.

“I was like, ‘Wow, he’s really done his own thing,’ but I don’t think he’s going to,” Keyshawn said of the match between Haney and Shakur.

“I would see that fight. We all know that I want to see that fight. After Haney fought Lomachenko, he’s probably sick of making 135. He’s big, big, so I’m not saying, he’s scared and trying to move straight up.

“But after he fights Lomachenko, it’s a tough fight, a megafight, and maybe he’ll want to move on. He’s probably sick of it.

“Yeah, and little things like Lomachenko said after the game [Jermain Ortiz] Fighting in the ring, “Oh, you’re a heavyweight,” Keyshawn said when asked if he thought Haney would beat Vasyl Lomachenko.

“I never heard Lomachenko say anything like that in his career. He was a monster. You feel the same way, he’s old, but it’s boxing.

When asked if Lomachenko was still a fighter in the early days of his career, Keyshawn said, “No, with all the surgeries and with him getting older, after 400 fights as an amateur, his I think it’s definitely declining now.

“I still think he’s a great fighter. I am trying to fight the young men who are

“He had surgery, two places on his shoulder, or something like that. is long,” Keyshawn said.

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