Laila Ali, daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, is undoubtedly an icon in the boxing world. She has an undefeated boxing career with 24 wins and 0 losses in professional boxing. But she’s proven her mettle not just in the ring, but in business, television, and beyond.

However, Ali posted a photo of her in an athletic dress on Instagram that caught the attention of her fans. The 45-year-old is definitely setting fitness standards and inspiring fans to change their lives.

Laila Ali sets the fitness standard


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Laila Ali often shares her fitness tips on the internet. Meanwhile, a photo of her that she uploaded today shows her dedication to keeping herself fit.

She wrote in the photo, “Let’s face purpose and positivity this week to get one step closer! Let’s go! 🌟LailaAliLifestyle.com.”

But even at 45, fans have been seen praising Ali for her looks and fitness level. It shows that anyone can be healthy.

Recently, she urged her fans to stop eating “vegetable meat” to prevent illness.

In the post, she also mentioned lifestyle brand LailaAliLifestyle.com. Ali sells her signature lifestyle her items on her website, from spices to souvenirs.

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – April 23: Laila Ali visits Hallmark’s ‘Home & Family’ at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, CA on April 23, 2019. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Fans are overwhelmed and inspired by this post

Fans have commented on the photo in thousands, sharing their love for the former boxer.

one fan “Well, you look absolutely stunning”

Another fan named “minottroy” said: “Come closer, come closer, Lyra.”

Another user said “Really! @thereallailaali For this beauty you chose to fight hard for?”

Another fan said: “Dangerously Gorgeous”

One fan commented, “Stay committed. If you’re busy working towards your goals and dreams, you’re not missing anything. Follow back!”

A fan called ladelraider41 asked. “Worthup Champ? It’s still FOXX, it’s still in.”


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A user named Nelson Ruiz said: “Simply beautiful princess warrior 👉🏼👑”

One fan was motivated by her, stating: “Insha Allah, I will do it.”


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