Chicago (WLS) — The Chicago Bears are set to honor Buffalo Bills safety Dummer Hamlin when they face the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field on Sunday. This is just one of his all-league tributes at the end of his inspiring week.

The NFL dedicates a special moment to supporting Hamlin.

His jersey number “3” was apparently everywhere during Saturday night’s Titans vs. Jaguars game, including on the field.

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The ESPN announcer flipped the “E” on the microphone flag to make it a “3”.

One of the announcers said, “The entire NFL family has been praying for Buffalo Bills forward Dumar Hamlin.

We had a similar scene earlier in the Chiefs vs. Raiders game.

“I feel like Dumar Hamlin not only got the best out of the NFL, but out of humanity,” said one of the broadcasters.

Just five days after his heart stopped on the field, Bills’ safety was breathing on his own, saying on social media: I am overwhelmed, but I am grateful to everyone who prayed and reached out for me. ”

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NFL fan Maggie Sullivan said, “Everyone has been rallying around him.

At Lincoln Station (the self-proclaimed Buffalo Bill’s Bar), fans got in on the game and gave us the perspective of the week.

“Like them, it’s clear that it’s more than a game. Those relationships and connections mean so much more,” said NFL fan Marcos Orr.

Buffalo native Douglas Jebb will be watching the Bills take the field Sunday with the number 3 patch on their jerseys.

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“The message from Damar is to go out and get one for him, and I think they’ll be thrilled,” Jeb said.

In addition to these tributes to Hamlin, the league also honors the doctors and first responders who came to Hamlin’s aid.

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