Cornell vs. Syracuse: Breaking Down the Matchup with AI and Analytics your free basketball pick tonight

As the NCAA basketball season heats up, the stakes are rising and the competition is intensifying. Tonight’s matchup between Cornell and Syracuse promises to be an exciting clash of titans, with both teams vying for victory and a spot in the spotlight. To help you make informed betting decisions, we’ve enlisted the help of top AI betting models, ESPN, betql, and sportsline AI models, along with our own comprehensive analysis, to provide you with a detailed breakdown of this highly anticipated game.

AI Betting Models: Unraveling the Numbers

In the realm of sports betting, AI betting models have emerged as powerful tools for predicting game outcomes. These sophisticated algorithms analyze vast amounts of data, including historical trends, player statistics, and team dynamics, to generate probabilities and identify potential betting opportunities. In tonight’s game, the top AI betting models have spoken:

  • Dimers: Syracuse 66.5%, Cornell 33.5%
  • The Action Network: Syracuse 70.3%, Cornell 29.7%
  • VSiN: Syracuse 73.1%, Cornell 26.9%
  • RotoWire: Syracuse 71.4%, Cornell 28.6%
  • ESPN: Syracuse 68.0%, Cornell 32.0%

The numbers clearly favor Syracuse, with all five AI models predicting a comfortable victory for the home team. This sentiment is echoed by ESPN, betql, and sportsline AI models, which also project a Syracuse win with a combined probability of 70.3%.

Our Analytical Approach: Delving Deeper

While AI betting models offer valuable insights, we believe that a comprehensive analysis should encompass a broader range of factors. Our approach incorporates the following key elements:

  • Pythagorean Theorem: This statistical formula estimates a team’s expected points scored and points allowed based on its winning percentage and strength of schedule. In this case, Syracuse projects to score 83.9 points and allow 77.1 points, while Cornell projects to score 79.3 points and allow 68.3 points.
  • Strength of Schedule: This metric evaluates the difficulty of a team’s schedule based on the average winning percentage of its opponents. Syracuse boasts a strong strength of schedule rating of 86, while Cornell’s rating stands at 133.
  • Current Power Ratings: These ratings, based on various performance metrics, assess a team’s overall strength. Syracuse currently holds a power rating of 76, while Cornell’s rating is 121.
  • Recent Performance: Both teams have been on a roll in recent games, with Syracuse winning three of its last six and Cornell winning four of its last four.
  • Points Scored vs Points Allowed: Syracuse has averaged 72.7 points per game this season while allowing 66.3 points per game. Cornell, on the other hand, has averaged 79.3 points per game and allowed 68.3 points per game.

Key Player Injuries and Trends

No major injuries have been reported for either team, and both teams are coming off recent wins. Syracuse, however, enjoys a significant home-court advantage, having won 13 of its last 17 home games against the spread.

Putting it All Together: Our Prediction

Taking into account all of the available data and analysis, we predict that Syracuse will emerge victorious in tonight’s matchup, with a final score of 78-71. The Orange’s home-court advantage, combined with their superior strength of schedule and power ratings, suggests they have the edge in this contest.


While our prediction is based on a comprehensive analysis, it’s important to remember that sports are unpredictable, and upsets can always occur. Nevertheless, we believe that Syracuse holds a strong advantage in this game, and our analysis should provide valuable insights for informed betting decisions.

PICK – Take Syracuse -5

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