Laura Dineen and Niamh Santry, the lead of the “Boots” video, appear in the “Conn Boxing” clip shot at The Sweet Shop.

Cork City band Pretty Happy have shared the video for ‘Conn Boxing’ from their debut EP. echo boywill land on the Foggy Notions label in November 2022.

This DIY video that marks Imbolc was produced and directed by Pretty Happy themselves and shot at the famous ‘Linehans’ confectionery shop in Shandon, Co. Cork. The clip features actors Niamh Suntory, who also appeared in the previous video for the single “Boots,” and Laura Dineen.

“Conn Boxing” is an intense, raw track that has created a special connection with live audiences since the band debuted last year. The song explores the nuances of Irish rape culture, how men and their status are protected. What begins as a gentle narration ends in a violent protest and cathartic replay.

Check out the new visual below. It starts with making sweets and ends with flames.

Conn boxing has produced incredible athletes over the years / You can feel it just by stepping in / Conn boxing has produced incredible athletes over the years T / Hmm, I just smell sweat.“You can just feel the testosterone…they don’t even have a women’s restroom,” the band begins, as the instrument builds in tension.

That’s where you got the power, I never had a chance…Conboxing taught you to harness your anger, and you don’t grow on it.

for echo boyThe art punk trio teamed up with producer John ‘Spud’ Murphy (Lankum, Black Midi) at Dublin’s Hellfire Studios to record all four tracks. The EP was later mastered by Harvey Birrell (Stereolab, Therapy?).

The EP’s title and artwork refer to the Echo Boy statue by sculptor Barry Maloney in Cork City.

This February, Pretty Happy will return to the UK as the opening of four UK tours for Canadian post-punk band Preoccups, headlining Southampton and returning to Brixton’s famous Windmill venue. The band will also play their long-awaited hometown show in support of The Sultans of Ping at the Cork Opera House.

Pretty Happy toured Europe with hero Kim Gordon, supported Pavement, performed at festivals like All Together Now, Low Power and Other Voices in Dingle and Wales, and performed at the famous Windmill. Brixton, where they headlined their first overseas show in 2022 and enjoyed a massive 2022.

They also produced a love letter documentary on Cork’s post-punk history. Leaside CreaturesFunded by the WRITE RECORD PERFROM residency at the Triskel Art Centre.

listen echo boy under.

Pretty Happy Upcoming Live Schedule

09 February – New Adelphi Club, Hull (Support Preoccupations)
10 February – Brudnell Social Club, Leeds (support Preoccupations)
February 11 – Cork Opera House (supporting The Sultans of Ping)
February 12 – Liverpool District (supports Preoccations)
February 13 – Boyle Room, Guildford
Feb 16 – London Scala (supports Preoccations)
18 February – Windmill, Brixton


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