To Barry Holbrook: Conor Benn is expected to return to the rankings after being cleared by the WBC after a three-month investigation in which he tested positive twice for the banned substance clomiphene.

The WBC’s ruling is expected to be announced next week, according to the Daily Mail. They say his two positive reactions for undefeated welterweight contender Ben “Mass consumption of eggs” and “accidental ingestion due to contamination”.

Ben has tested positive twice, on July 25th and September 1st. two months away.

Benn is under the control of the UKAD and the British Boxing Board and could be banned from one of those organizations.

The WBC’s investigation was meant to allow Ben to decide whether to return him to the rankings, which would be very useful should he be banned by the UKAD.

Of course, Ben could always fight outside the country, such as in Saudi Arabia. It’s unclear how that will play out, in terms of whether there will be backlash from fans. Casual is unaware of Ben’s previous positive tests, so he shouldn’t worry about them.

According to the Daily Mail, “Conor Benn is expected to be cleared to return to the World Boxing Council rankings upon the release of the results of his three-month investigation into his failed drug test. .

“Multiple sources indicate their verdict will be favorable… despite Ben testing positive for clomiphene twice.

“The WBC will have Connor Benn call the following week after he fails a drug test. Spent a little over a month.

“The WBC findings Accidental ingestion and mass consumption of eggs due to contamination.

“They can’t clear him. They’ll clear his test and say it was tainted, but it won’t clear any other taint test. That was another test.”

UKAD is testing for the British Boxing Control Board. VADA I will. Connor voluntarily signed up for her VADA. That’s why it makes no sense why you cheat. I signed up for VADA. I signed up for WBC Cares to enter the WBC Cares rankings and compete for the world title.

“If I were in their shoes I would say ‘VADA is not your testing agency’ but what we have learned is that the Boxing Control Board and UKAD demand VADA testing and they are willing to allow it. That’s what I’m saying, I’ll test it and investigate.

“They would like to clear his name but he has surrendered his license so he is not licensed by the British Boxing Control Commission. ‘s license is out of date.

“I hope the two tests are tainted, but the problem is that two VADA tests in July and September showed two positive tests for clomiphene on his body. You have to disprove it in some way or ban it, you can’t throw your hands in the air and say:

“You can’t control it [contamination] out. I’m not a party to the behind-the-scenes evidence. I say He had his two positive tests for clomiphene in his system. He has yet to prove his innocence against them.According to tests conducted by VADA, there is scientific evidence that they were in his body.

“If it’s tainted, you have to show it. If there’s a reason, you have to show it. I want to see him clear his name. I want him to fight.” I would love to see it,” Davis said of Connor.

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