Professional football players, NFL teams and athletes across all sports have voiced their support for Buffalo Bills forward Dummer Hamlin after suffering cardiac arrest during Monday night’s game.

Hamlin was listed as in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center earlier Tuesday after collapsing after a tackle in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He took a step forward, then paused and fell backwards.

The Bills players immediately signaled to the bystanders and asked training staff for help. Hamlin was down for about 10 minutes and he was apparently taken off the field after medical staff gave Hamlin CPR.

Tributes soon began pouring in on social media. , received more than 122,000 donations, exceeding the goal of $2,500, totaling approximately $3.1 million.

A unified voice across football

After the tackle, several professional football teams, including the Bengals, sent Hamlin their thoughts and prayers. Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks And the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“Sending our thoughts and prayers to Damar,” said the Bengals.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to Dumar Hamlin, his family and @BuffaloBills,” the Steelers said.

Hamlin, 24, is from Pennsylvania and played football at the University of Pittsburgh. He’s in his second year in the NFL.

“Dummer Hamlin is the best of us,” his alma mater tweeted. “We love you, 3. Praying for you.”

“Hamlin received immediate medical attention on the field by the team, independent medical staff and local paramedics,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. is in critical condition.”

“Our thoughts are with Dummer and the Buffalo Bills, and we will provide more information as it becomes available,” the NFL said.

“The NFLPA and everyone in our community are praying for Dumar Hamlin,” the NFL Players Association said in a statement. The only thing that matters at this time is Damar’s health and well-being.”

Empathy and support from other professional sports

Professional athletes in other sports also hoped for Hamlin’s recovery.

“My prayers and strength go out to @BuffaloBills’ Damar Hamlin,” tennis great Billie Jean King said, prompting the postponement of the match.

“Praying for your child!!!” Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James tweeted.

Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player ‘hopes for Bills safety’ Donomvan Mitchell said During the post-match conference. “I had heard about it, but hadn’t seen it…we are all praying for him in the locker room…from the Cavaliers’ organization, we wish you all the best.” I want to do my best, and I hope everything goes well.โ€

Reactions across New York

Politicians across New York state also tweeted over Hamlin’s injury.

“Pray for Damar Hamlin” New York Governor Kathy Hochul Said. “Our hearts are with his family, loved ones, and the entire @BuffaloBills community.”

โ€œPrayers for Dumar Hamlin and his family,โ€ Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Said.

“We are asking all New Yorkers to join us in prayer for Dumar Hamlin, his family, his teammates and our Buffalo brothers and sisters,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said. Said.

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