Colts lessons learned from Giants’ Daniel Jones fight: Indy needs to draft dual-threat QB

EAST RUTHEFORD, N.J. — Nick Foles returned the pass with his eyes downfield and turned his back on Sunday at the end of the second quarter at MetLife Stadium. The Colts quarterback pumpfakes to his right as he investigates his own reading, but before Giants rookie Kayvon Thibodeau tackles him to the ground, he lands his entire progression. could not pass through.

When Foles hit the turf, the ball was pushed into his ribcage and the tackle hurt so much that he could not get up. Thibodeau eventually showed up and continued to celebrate on the sidelines, but Foles took time to get to his feet, walking cautiously across the field and being carted into the locker room. I got

Nick Foles was forced off the field after being injured in a first-half sack. (Vincent Carchietta / USA Today)

Foles never came back and the Colts lost 38-10. However, that play did not decide victory or defeat.

So did Daniel Jones.

Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday said, “When you’re playing with this football team and you have a mobile quarterback and you’re down there, sledding is hard.” A lot of his runs weren’t intended runs, he kicked them out of the back, which is difficult for defense.”

In his fourth season, Jones did whatever he wanted against the Colts and reminded them of their greatest need in the upcoming draft. mobile quarterback. The 25-year-old Jones passed for 19-of-24 for 177 yards and his two touchdowns, which is not an all-around record. But it’s his legs that have made the life of the Indianapolis defense miserable.

Jones totaled 11 carries for 91 yards and 2 points, and was highlighted by scoring 18 yards in the third quarter. The Colts haven’t run a quarterback for at least his 50 yards since Andrew Luck in 2016. Scott Truzin, Jacoby Brissett, Brian Hoyer, Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, Sam Ehringer, Foles. Only Wentz, who was ousted from the team last year, and former sixth-round pick Ehrlinger, who is in his second season, have the mobility to be considered dual-threat QBs in a league that is moving away from pocket-only. Passerby.

“It’s an extra factor that you have to consider,” said Ehrlinger, who recorded his first career TD on a 6-yard pass to Michael Pittman Jr. in the third quarter. In a run game, you get extra (blockers) and run out players as a defense when you’re using running backs or tight ends as blockers, then you put a guy in the running back as a free tackler. Without it, the man has to get off the block and there is that and in the passing game it adds the added element of having to contain the quarterback and he can do a really good job at the back end cover but There are still elements that have to be stopped. It adds a level of complexity to offensive play.”

The Colts have seen that complexity up close this season when they take on franchise quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Herbert, Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts.

Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin said, “It’s just a trend, and the game is always moving in trend.” All of the best quarterbacks have, from Patty to Jalen to Josh (Allen), and, as we’ve seen today, the running back becomes the lead blocker. They are successful because they are basically taking into account additional gaps to make it possible.”



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Even without a star QB, there are teams that can extend the play and at least aim for a first down if needed. Together with Ryan, Foles and Ehrlinger, he had 13 first downs all season, ranking him 23rd in the league, according to TruMedia. His QB first-down run average of 24.4 this season in the NFL, compared to his 14.6 a decade ago and his 13.4 in 2006, Saturday won the legendary but steadfast Peyton Manning. was

Saturday said the dual-threat QB “can change the entire league and the style of the offense and the way players play.” “You watch college football, but yesterday[at the college football playoffs]everyone was watching. You see what it looks like. The bottom line is that they’re skilled. It doesn’t just move, it plays with its arms.”

One of those young quarterbacks was Ohio State’s CJ Stroud, who played arguably the best game of his college career in a 42-41 loss to Georgia on Saturday. The pick, which totaled 348 passing yards and four TDs, used a 27-yard run to set up a potential game-winning field goal that Noah Ruggles missed as time expired. .



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There’s no guarantee the Colts will draft Stroud. But with all of the next draft’s top QBs mobile, including Alabama’s Bryce Young, Kentucky’s Will Levis, and Florida’s Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis has taken itself from the past to the future. He has to pick one to pull out.

Franklin, who admitted the Colts were unable to contain Jones, said, “If the quarterback is running, it’s just another threat.” When it’s all broken and a quarterback can run 20 yards, it’s just that, but that’s how the game goes.”

(Top photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

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