The college football playoffs are approaching. After months of speculation about who will be in college football’s best four, and another month spent trying to figure out what will happen once the actual teams are announced, we’re left with only one thing left to do. We have reached the point that Teams take the field and end the discussion.

But that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying to figure it out before the Fiesta Bowl kickoff kicks off Saturday afternoon in Glendale, Arizona.

College football playoff case: No.1 Georgia | | #2 Michigan | | 3rd TCU | | #4 Ohio

Will Georgia become the first repeat champion of the college football playoff era (first program since Alabama in 2011-12)? What about TCU? This is the only one of his four teams to debut in the CFP. Will the Cinderella story continue? And then there’s Ohio. Will the Buckeyes be able to bounce back from his second straight loss to Michigan by taking his second chance and defeating the defending champions?

We’ll see soon, but for now let’s see what happens in Saturday night’s CFP semifinals.

2022 Fiesta Bowl: (2) Michigan vs. (3) TCU

Featured games | | Michigan Wolverines vs. TCU Horned Frogs

expansion: There’s no question that TCU earned its spot in the playoffs, but I can’t hide my belief that the Horned Frogs are the ‘weakest’ of the four teams in the field, at least in terms of Power Ratings. Hmm. TCU played the most one-score games out of four games this season. In fact, his six one-score games for the Frogs surpassed his three other teams combined (three). Ohio State did not participate. This is a team that has found itself in many close matches and has done smart things for good teams to win.

This isn’t a blow to TCU, but it’s a concern about what happens when the Frogs come across elite competition, and what they’re facing when they get to this point. We played a strong schedule overall, but not enough consideration is given to what we do against the competition we face. Michigan may have played weakly in the non-conference slate, but they are ahead of Penn State and Ohio State by 46 points combined. It could be argued that TCU has not played as good as these teams this season. We’ve seen how much trouble you’ve caused Frogs. Michigan is much more talented. I can’t believe TCU can keep up with this. Pick: Michigan -7.5

total: This choice is cut & dry. If Michigan is looking to win, it likely will because it thwarts TCU’s aggressive offense and often leads to unders. If TCU seems to win, the frogs need to get at least 30 points and make it something of a shootout. The Wolverines are the better team and the one who wins far more often. Also, since this is a playoff game, expect Michigan to be conservative if they run the clock as they have done to many of their opponents after building a lead and dominating games this season. please. Pick: Less than 58.5

Prop: One of the most interesting parts of this matchup is TCU’s pass offense and Michigan’s pass defense. Duggan and Horned Frogs do most of their airborne damage from explosive play. The TCU offense ranks 8th nationally in explosive pass percentage (20.4%). However, Duggan can be a little inconsistent on short to medium throws. Michigan’s defense excels at pushing things forward and not allowing explosive plays. If the Wolverines can take it, it’s hard to imagine Duggan going for many yards, even if TCU were behind. Pick: Max Duggan under 238.5 yards pass

2022 Peach Bowl: (1) Georgia vs. (4) Ohio State

Featured games | | Georgia Bulldogs vs. Ohio State Buckeyes

expansion: The 2022 Georgia Bulldogs aren’t as good as last year’s national title-winning team, but that doesn’t mean they’re still not the best team in the country. cause The Buckeyes don’t often lose games or struggle, but when they do, they have a theme. Last season, Oregon State had a physical defensive front that caused problems for Ohio State’s offense, putting pressure on CJ Stroud and forcing him to go off script. Stroud struggles when forced to improvise. Michigan did the same late in the season and this year.

Well, the country doesn’t have many defensive fronts as good or better than Georgia’s, and the Bulldogs’ defense puts pressure on Stroud. is a byproduct of not having to heat up your opponents often. In the big game, Georgia is taking things a step further and knows what it takes to delay this Ohio attack. You will be put in an uncomfortable situation. On the other side of the ball, we’ve seen teams like Penn State, Michigan, and Maryland cause trouble for Ohio State’s secondary. , is better than most people believe and can cause problems. Pick: Georgia -6.5

total: Is he really going to pick favorites and unders in both games? He sure is! This is the same situation as the Fiesta Bowl. Seeing the Bulldogs smother a powerful Buckeye attack becomes a low-scoring affair if you think Georgia will win. If you think Ohio State pulled off an upset, it’s probably because they brought to Georgia’s defense what Alabama did during the 2021 season. After all, Ohio State is one of the few teams with quarterback and wide receiver talent that can capitalize on potential weaknesses in Georgia’s secondary. The thing is, Ohio State has seen what happens when it comes across a team that can punch in the mouth. Pick: Under 62

Prop: It’s not often tested, but it’s known that quick receivers can exploit Georgia’s secondary out of the slot. Remember what Jameson Williams brought to the Dawgs during the regular season last year? Emeka Egbuka and Marvin Harrison Jr. are great players, but not enthusiastic. However, Julian his Fleming could have a role in this matchup. He’s unlikely to see a ton of targets, but he might only need one to earn this prop. Pick: Julian Fleming Receives over 41.5 yards

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